Abot kamay

Ilang araw nalang, botohan na. Pero matagal na tayong nagbabatuhan. Para lang maiangat natin ang ating mga kandidato. Mas lalo lang lumala ang batuhan ng putik nang sumikat ang social media, lalo na ang Facebook. Post ng kung anu-anong meme na hindi naman alam kung saan nanggaling at kung sino ang may akda. Basta papuri […]

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Filipinos Purchased Over 120,000 Items from Lazada on November 11, Online Sale Continues

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – November 11 has become the largest online shopping day in the world. For Lazada Philippines (, the country’s leading one-stop shopping and selling destination, 11/11 marked the start of its highly anticipated Online Revolution Sale and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Lazada sent online shoppers into a frenzy starting midnight of November […]

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tanim bala

Isang bala ka lang…

“Tanim-bala” a local (Filipino) term referring to the new trend on Philippine airports, which is “planting” or intentionally putting bullets to the travelers’ baggage. They do this to extort money from travelers. This is unbelievably happening for months now, in different airports. I can’t imagine how our government can be so numb, incapable and stupid. Numb […]

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metro manila traffic 1

Gates of Hell

I’m not going to discuss about religion but my topic is closer to hell. The title is a phrase that Dan Brown used to describe Manila in his latest novel Inferno, in which our politicians and government officials immediately condemn and defended their uselessness. I mean, our beautiful country. I’m going to talk about traffic […]

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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Gusto mo bang lumagay sa tahimik?

Ang paglagay sa tahimik ay isang kasabihan na ang ibig sabihin ay pag-aasawa. Noong araw, sa di kalayuang panahon, pag mag aasawa ka na, sasabihing lalagay ka na sa tahimik. Pero merong mga mapagbiro (o mga hindi masaya sa buhay may asawa) na ang pag-aasawa raw ay hindi dapat tawaging pag lagay sa tahimik. Dapat […]

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Binay All The Way

Alam kong di na lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat ang kontrobersya ng mga Binay. May alam ka man sa pulitika o wala, alam mo lahat ng balita dahil sa social media lalo na sa Facebook. Doon makikita mo mapa larawan o mapa artikulo. Totoong balita pati na ang mga gawa ng galit sa pamilyang ito. […]

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Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day To All My Fathers

I grew up without a father. My grandparents are the ones who took care of me while my mother is away working. I didn’t had any questions because they explained what happened to me. I didn’t also longed for a father because I had the coolest grandfather beside me while growing up. I just wish […]

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The Life of an Introvert

I had gathered some images, memes, and comics about introversion. I collected it because it really pleases me to know that I’m normal and it totally describes who I am. It sucks to be an introvert 20 years ago. I was a teenager back then. Being a silent-type kid makes you feel like there’s something […]

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The Last Scene of Paul Walker

The Last Scene of Paul Walker

The first Fast and the Furious movie is one of the movies that I could watch over and over again. The movie always excites me. It’s maybe because seeing racing cars give me adrenalin. And cool cars + racing = huge amount of adrenalin. I like the movie because of three things: good story, cool […]

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My PLDT Issue Resolved

This is an update on my last post about PLDT internet application. To give you a quick glance on that story, I applied for an internet connection to upgrade my subscription. Their instruction says that I have to pay an initial fee after they approve my application or else, I will lose my reservation and […]

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Applying For PLDT Connection? Read This First!

I recently applied for PLDT Home DSL. They told me that they will check my location and the line’s availability and they will approve or not my application. In just three days, I received a text message and an email saying that my application was approved. It asked me to pay an installation fee for […]

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