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Let Them Know It’s Christmas

I have been so busy to write a Christmas post. So I’m just going to share to you the video of one of my favorite Christmas song from my favorite artists Feed The World (Let Them Know It’s Christmas). Have fun. Merry Christmas!

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Almost Famous

What Do You Love About Music?

For movie fans, they would easily recognize the title. It is a line from one of my favorite movies Almost Famous. This movie has everything I like; good music, rock, the 70s, girls, writing, and of course, the movie itself. Billy Crudup did a great job on being a rock star here. The movie will […]

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Don’t You Forget About Us

On our way home, I was listening to my mp3s and one of my favorite song from one of my favorite movie played: Don’t You Forget About Me performed by the Simple Minds. The song is so cool as well as the movie. I’m still having goosebumps whenever I hear the song. It still sounds […]

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Music That I’m Stuck With

Electric Guitar I've always been a music lover and I'm a fan of rock music. I listen to different genres such as 70s rock (Led Zeppelin, The Eagles), 80s (U2, REM, The Cure), Glam Rock (Guns N Roses, Motley Crue), Thrash Metal (Metallica, Megadeth), 90s (Staind, The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring). Except lately that […]

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How Music Makes Me Better

Gibson SG with Amp Actually, I work better when my music is on. It gives me a feeling of not working. It keeps me enjoy the moment and keeps me inspired. I have been liking music my entire life and I could say that music has been my life. It is my field, my specialty, […]

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My Most Memorable ‘Dawn Gig

My friend Ryan once invited me to watch The Dawn gig in a bar in Makati. It’s a free gig, you just have to sign in on their Yahoo group, so I did. The gig is on a bar named SaGuijo. It is located in Guijo street in Makati. It’s a small bar. I took […]

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