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First Born Son

Two weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our much awaited child, a healthy, and cute baby boy. Everyone in our family and friends are excited as this is our first child, and the first grand children to both sides. We were supposed to have a child last year but we lost her on my […]

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The Most Destructive Force to Mankind

heart The most destructive force to mankind is his own heart. All of our sin starts from the heart. Our heart creates desires and desires sparks sins; the desire of power, the desire of flesh, the desire of recognition, the desire of wealth. This is the method Satan used to tempt Jesus. The tells us […]

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If I Could Say Anything without Consequence

Jesus Hand & Nail- Detail of the Isenheim Altarpiece If I could say anything to anyone, I will try my best to convert Osam Bin Laden to Christianity. I will say to him that everyone is entitled for forgiveness. I will do my best to share him the love of Jesus and what He has […]

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Thoughts Sharing and Debating

I like sharing thoughts and discussions. I don't pretend to be knowledgeable if I really don't have an idea or knowledge about the topic. I really like to go deep on every details on every discussions. But my favorite topic of discussion is about religion or Christianity. Although this is a broad and a possible […]

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A Simple Lesson from a 9-year-old Japanese Boy

This letter was written by a Vietnamese immigrant, Mr. Ha Minh Thah working in Fukushima as a policeman that he sent to his friend in Vietnam. This letter was posted on New America Media (NAM) on March 19th. Translated by NAM editor Andrew Lam, author of “East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres.” Shanghai Daily […]

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By The Book

As a Christian, we always base our faith and doctrine from the Bible. If it’s in the Bible, we do it. If it’s not, we don’t. It’s always been a Christian way. Having different understanding is another story. But sometime when I was in highschool, my teacher said, we (as “Christians”) don’t need to follow every […]

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people are getting too busy these days. especially in this occassion. shopping, buying gifts, parties, accepting gifts, etc. we also enjoy accepting wage bonuses and other blessings. we enjoy this holiday so much that we forgot what it truly is. or, we ignore it. we ignore the true meaning.  it became so commercialized and material that […]

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