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Gates of Hell

I’m not going to discuss about religion but my topic is closer to hell. The title is a phrase that Dan Brown used to describe Manila in his latest novel Inferno, in which our politicians and government officials immediately condemn and defended their uselessness. I mean, our beautiful country. I’m going to talk about traffic […]

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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Gusto mo bang lumagay sa tahimik?

Ang paglagay sa tahimik ay isang kasabihan na ang ibig sabihin ay pag-aasawa. Noong araw, sa di kalayuang panahon, pag mag aasawa ka na, sasabihing lalagay ka na sa tahimik. Pero merong mga mapagbiro (o mga hindi masaya sa buhay may asawa) na ang pag-aasawa raw ay hindi dapat tawaging pag lagay sa tahimik. Dapat […]

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Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day To All My Fathers

I grew up without a father. My grandparents are the ones who took care of me while my mother is away working. I didn’t had any questions because they explained what happened to me. I didn’t also longed for a father because I had the coolest grandfather beside me while growing up. I just wish […]

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The Life of an Introvert

I had gathered some images, memes, and comics about introversion. I collected it because it really pleases me to know that I’m normal and it totally describes who I am. It sucks to be an introvert 20 years ago. I was a teenager back then. Being a silent-type kid makes you feel like there’s something […]

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My PLDT Issue Resolved

This is an update on my last post about PLDT internet application. To give you a quick glance on that story, I applied for an internet connection to upgrade my subscription. Their instruction says that I have to pay an initial fee after they approve my application or else, I will lose my reservation and […]

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Applying For PLDT Connection? Read This First!

I recently applied for PLDT Home DSL. They told me that they will check my location and the line’s availability and they will approve or not my application. In just three days, I received a text message and an email saying that my application was approved. It asked me to pay an installation fee for […]

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Be A Part of a Miracle

I would like to share you today the trials that are experiencing by an extended family. Last month, May, the wife of my wife’s uncle has given birth to their baby girl. The baby was just 27 weeks old. It was supposed to be their fifth child but the four preceding birth were unsuccessful. They […]

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First Born Son

Two weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our much awaited child, a healthy, and cute baby boy. Everyone in our family and friends are excited as this is our first child, and the first grand children to both sides. We were supposed to have a child last year but we lost her on my […]

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Big Bang New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Every New Year means new hope for us. It is a time to review the past year and renew and re-organize what needs to be change. While majority of humanity is celebrating the holiday, some of us are mourning for the damages and even lost that are caused by the celebration. […]

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Tumawa Tayo! (At marami pang iba)

While we are always advised to treat life light and less seriously, we know that we cannot always apply this in all of the aspects in our life. Treating life seriously and less seriously has its own advantages and disadvantages. Last week, napanood ko ang isa sa mga favorite kong personalities na si Lourd de […]

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Disposing Our Elders

I recently watched a documentary about elders in home for the aged. Either they were there and frequently visited by their family or they are there totally without communication with their family anymore. The latter is the usual situation. The host interviewed a grandmother who has never heard from her family since they left her […]

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It’s the End of the World (As We Know It)

Let’s just say that the Mayan prediction is true, that the end of the world is on Friday. Do you have a list of things you want to do before Psy hits that 1 billion views on YouTube? Here is my list. If money doesn’t matter Drive a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. Drive a Harley […]

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Belong Now

I read somewhere that people, especially young, feels unfit to their current generation. I believed in what I read. People think that the past is better than the present. If it is possible, I would like to travel time. I like to visit the highlight of history especially the Bible history, the 18th century, the […]

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