An Engaging Conversation

I remember one time after we finished playing music, my friends roland, ryan, tolits and myself took a break. While we eat our snack, we talk about updates regarding ourselves (we are having our get together with jamming songs and playing music). After a while, our discussion went into religion, and of course, religion is always such a broad and serious topic. But it is the time I remember I had a great discussion.

This is the time that I realized that I have friends who are open minded and likes a healthy conversation. Although we have different views and opinions regarding the matter (and didn't came up with a conclusion), but we still managed to listen to one another and share our own thoughts. We were able to digest the topic deeply and had a brainstorming.

For me, that's what important, an open mind and an open heart. It doesn't matter if we agree on something or not. The fact that we were able to express ourselves and make a healthy flow of conversation is enough to consider it as a great discussion. No short fuse, no impatience, no temper!

At the end, we parted still holding on our own views and beliefs. But as I can remember, I consider it as one of my greatest discussion ever.

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