Applying For PLDT Connection? Read This First!

I recently applied for PLDT Home DSL. They told me that they will check my location and the line’s availability and they will approve or not my application. In just three days, I received a text message and an email saying that my application was approved. It asked me to pay an installation fee for 1,100 Php. Included in their message that I have to pay the fee within 5 days or my reservation would be gone. I immediately went to their business center to pay the fee. After paying, they told me that the installation would take place within 3 to 10 days. After waiting for two weeks without an installation, we called them and found out that our application was CANCELLED! Their reason was that my home is far from their post.

I can gladly accept the cancellation. But what I don’t understand was that I hope they confirmed first if my location is good for installation before they asked me to pay the fee.

However, they offered a refund. PLDT

I went back to their business office to ask for the refund. At first, I thought that I will immediately get my money back but when I found out that I HAVE TO APPLY for it, I knew that it will take weeks, months, or even years to receive it, that is, if ever they will approve it.

They said that they will text me when the application is approved. After a week without receiving a text, we called them for the update but we keep on receiving “system enhancement” response from the customer service.

In this case, I felt like I was robbed or scammed. After I paid my hard-earned money, I got nothing but stress. I’m not a rich person and that amount would do a lot for me. I’m not paid huge on my work and I have to work for days for that amount. Now that the money is freezed, I can’t use it. Thanks to PLDT.

This is the reason why insurance plans don’t have appeal to me. It is easy for you to pay and fast for them to accept your payment. But when the time comes that you will need your money, they will make you apply, fill out tons of papers, direct you to hundreds of offices and windows, and will take eons of years, that is, if you’ll be granted to receive your own money. And all of this if you’re not SCAMMED!

I had several issues with the company before. The reason why I keep buying their services is that I don’t have a choice. I applied on their competitor (Globe) but denied because of unavailability. Take note: DENIED, not CANCELLED. Heck, they even have a much better customer service. They called me to inform that they can’t install my application, compared to PLDT that kept me waiting for nothing. Also, their equivalent service doesn’t have an installation fee.

After working hard for that 1,100, I again, working hard for it to have it back. It’s taking me even longer to have it again.


image source: Pinoy Daily Journals

4 thoughts on “Applying For PLDT Connection? Read This First!

  1. Exactly the same thing that happened to me. I call every month for an update. They always say they’re gonna call my number within 2 days, of which not one came. I have no plans of getting my refund yet and still hoping I’d be accomodated.

    1. Same as mine.. tatawagan ka nalang daw pag ok na ang refund.. sarap gulpihin yung mga nasa opisina ng pldt na kala mo ang tatalino… Diskarte pala nila para makakuha ng pera.. TY 2300 installation fee

  2. ganyan nangyari sakin now kaso magffile palang ako ng refund kasi wala daw power ung business center nila icancel ung application kapag online nagapply. kelangan muna daw icancel bago magrefund. kanina ko lng pinacancel ung DSL plan 1299, wala na daw slot sa area namin as per their installer said.

    pagkaapply ko thru online nagone-time-fee ako ng modem para hndi mabigat monthly, tapos nagtxt dn na kelangan bayaran muna ung 2300pesos na one-time-fee kinabukasan binayaran ko s center nla ung 2300 sabi after 10days mgiinstall ung mga installer. 9 days na knina tumawag ako s custmr service nla at ngupdate ng status kaso sabi nakaremarks daw ng installer nla na wala na daw slot d2 s area namin, inofferan ako ng ultera kaso nagapply nrn ako dati ang problema nmn hndi available ang ultera d2 s area kaya ipaparefund ko nalang. ngaun pumunta ako sa center nla at sabi hndi daw agad marerefund un kelangan icancel muna kung san man inapply ung application, binigyan nlng ako refund form. tinanong incase na makapgfile n ako ng refund kelan ko possible na makuha? ang sagot e hndi nla alam…….. tinanong ko possible kya weeks? months? baka nmn year? wag nmn sana.. sagot lng e “hndi ko po cgurado kung kelan”.

    mukang gud luck nlng sa 2300 na binayad ko….

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