Everytime I come back from my monthly vacation from the province, thery are two things I miss the most. My dogs and my bike. I’m a pet lover person. Especially dogs. In fact, I’m planning to buy myself a nice breed of dog soon. And another thing that I love is bikes. Motorcycle, that is. I love bikes. I even love it more than four wheeled vehicles. I’m dreaming of having a Harley Davidson someday. But right now, I have a Suzuki Raider J Pro. It’s a nice bike. Coming from another brand (Honda Wave), I can say that the raider j is a better baby than my previous one. I haven’t tried another Honda bikes (on its Wave level model), so this comparison is only limited between the two models. This suzuki model has style and comfort. I like the deep red color. The color and the style is very masculine. And the comfort is perfect. It has a sporty kind of feeling. I just had trouble getting used to its gear. Suzuki has different gear shifting than the standard. And its neutral. Half (light) step is its neutral . Deep step is first gear. All in all, It’s great. I score this one an 8, on its level model. ( 1’s the lowest, 10’s the highest). This one will stay with me for a long time. Even if that time comes that I can finally afford a Harley Davidson.

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