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Kamalayan is a term I learned from a famous alternative music magazine in the ’90s that featured rock and alternative music. It is a section equivalent to newspaper’s Editorial page. It usually talks about society and politics. We enjoy reading this magazine and this page so I thought I could use it to express also my opinion regarding these issues.


Abot kamay

Ilang araw nalang, botohan na. Pero matagal na tayong nagbabatuhan. Para lang maiangat natin ang ating mga kandidato.

Mas lalo lang lumala ang batuhan ng putik nang sumikat ang social media, lalo na ang Facebook.

Post ng kung anu-anong meme na hindi naman alam kung saan nanggaling at kung sino ang may akda. Basta papuri sa sariling manok o kasiraan sa kalaban, ipopost na. Kesehodang walang katotohanan o mapanirang personal na.

Hindi nyo ba napansin na sa tuwing eleksyon lumalabas ang baho hindi lamang ng mga pulitiko kundi pati na rin ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan na maliliit ang buwis?

Sa ganitong panahon madali tayong maniwala sa haka-haka at mabilis pa nating naipapakalat ang mga ito.

Handa ka ba talagang ibaba ang pagkatao mo para lang maipanalo ang kandidato mo?

Handa ka ba talagang ipaglaban at makipag away para sa kandidato mo?

Hanga ka talaga sa kandidato mo eh, no?

Ano kaya ang iniisip nya para sayo?

Kung nagiisa ka nalang bobo-to para sa kanya, bibigyan ka pa rin kaya nya ng pagpapahalaga?

Hahanga ka pa rin kaya sa kanya pagkalipas ng anim na taon?

Pagbabago ba ika ang gusto mo?

Meron ka na bang ginawang hakbang patungo sa pagbabagong hinahanap mo?

Marunong ka bang pumila?

Marunong ka bang magparaya?

Tumbatawid ka ba sa tamang tawiran?

Sa basurahan mo ba tinatapon ang mga balat ng candy mo?

Kung hindi mo kayang gawin ang mga maliliit na bagay na ito, bakit ka umaasa ng pagbabago?

Kung ituturo mo ang mga kamalian ng mga kababayan mo para pagtakpan o bigyang hustisya ang mga kamalian mo, wala kang pinag iba sa mga ahensya ng ating pamahalaan na laging nagtuturuan sa oras ng kapalpakan. Kaya walang pagbabago.

Ang pagbabagong hinihintay mo ay nasa harapan mo lang. Abot kamay mo.

Kelan darating o magaganap ang pagbabagong inaasahan mo? Ngayon. Hindi bukas. Hindi pagkatapos ng eleksyon.

Sino ang magsisimula ng pagbabagong hinahanap mo? Ikaw mismo.

Ikaw mismo ang mag aahon sayo sa kahirapan.

Ikaw lamang ang makapag mamalaki sa sarili mo na ikaw ay Pilipino. Hindi mo kailangan si Manny Pacquiao o ang bayaning Presidente mo.

Matagal nang mabaho ang pulitikang Pilipino.

Panahon pa ng mga Kastila ay bulok na ang pulitika natin. Panahon pa nila Aguinaldo, Bonifacio at Heneral Luna (magaganda yung mga pelikula nila. Panoorin mo).

Walang sinumang pulitiko ang makapag hahatid sa atin ng pagbabago kundi tayo mismo.

Ang pagbabago ay hindi hinihintay. Ito ay ginagawa.

tanim bala

Isang bala ka lang…

“Tanim-bala” a local (Filipino) term referring to the new trend on Philippine airports, which is “planting” or intentionally putting bullets to the travelers’ baggage. They do this to extort money from travelers. This is unbelievably happening for months now, in different airports.

I can’t imagine how our government can be so numb, incapable and stupid.


tanim balaThe government is so numb to take this scam seriously and act fast against this. I mean, what are they thinking? Is this just some kind of snatching in Quiapo (although it’s a serious matter that must be addressed too)? These security personnel idiots are doing their crimes on their job, on their uniform. They are government employees. They represent the government. This is an obvious crime inside the government. But why doesn’t someone up there do something about it? No, I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about the congress, the senate or the President. Or is the President too important to deal with this issue and too busy promoting our beloved country?


Ok. Maybe not that numb. These incidents have already caught some leaders’ attention. They already called to investigate this scam. But amazingly, there no one has been caught and punished yet.

I even saw a report about Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) giving advice to travelers to avoid being the victim of ‘tanim-bala’ scam.

HWAAAT!!?? You’re giving advice to the public to avoid this instead of hunting these pawns of Lucifer to stop this? This just says clearly that the government is really incapable of fighting crimes and giving justice to its people.

Anyway, this is what the government and our law enforcers are good at; giving advice to the public on how to avoid to become the victim instead of going after these demons. They just love to pass on the full responsibility of safety to the public. It is easier than doing their actual job.

tanim bala
The bullet planters. Probably the puppets.


I’m just confused. Doesn’t the government think that it will affect the country’s image internationally? While Mr. President is busy shaking hands promoting this beloved country, his little demonic creatures are feasting on their victims once they fell into the trap. Wait, doesn’t it sound like some classic suspense horror story? It’s really more fun in the Philippines.

And it’s not the only airport scam that would entice foreigners in this country. Foreign media, not tourists. We have also taxi fixers and taxis who are swindlers, contracting innocent foreign passengers with triple the amount of regular fares.

Another thing is that, is this how we treat our OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers)? As far as I know, we consider OFW’s as our nation’s modern heroes. Or does the current administration don’t think the same?

tamin bala
Lane Michael White – An American missionary victim of “tanim bala” scam.

There are currently 2.3 million OFW’s who are sending in dollars. Doesn’t this help our economy? The last time I checked, it was considered one of the main reasons why our economy is surviving.

So while they help this country survive by generating billions of dollars every year, these moronic security personnel are returning the favor by planting bullets in their bags to extort them.

tanim bala
The new fashion trend in all Philippine airports. To avoid the tanim bala scam.

The sad thing is that, it is not the only scam that our OFW’s are experiencing with our government. Our mighty government has also been busy scavenging our modern heroes’ packages and leave almost nothing for their loved ones. This courtesy is being done by another brilliant government agency Bureau of Customs. They are opening all the packages sent by OFW’s to “check” for illegal items and will get (steal) what they want. They steal these items that are supposed to be a gift for the OFW’s loved ones that are bought with their sweat, blood, and tears.

I could safely say that there are special places in hell for these evil airport security personnel and BOC officials.

One last question

Since this ‘tanim-bala’ scam has been happening for months now, continuously acquiring victims, on different airports, why aren’t they being stopped? Why are they continuing their operation even when they’re already been reported and revealed on national news? Are these termites untouchables? What, or WHO, gives them the courage to do it? Is there or are there higher ranked demons behind them? Is there a master of puppets behind the show?

Yes, I know that’s a lot of question instead of one.

tanim bala
“Not all lose bullets comes from the sky. Some of it comes from the airport.”


My cousin, a US immigrant, once told me that she’ll never come back to stay here. She said she’s just too scared of the crimes here and that she’s concerned with her family’s safety and the government’s incapability of handling crimes.

Because of my work, I happened to know and be friended with some foreigners who are visiting or planning to visit the country. Because of what’s happening, I wouldn’t recommend them to come. I wouldn’t want to put them in danger with our government, not to mention our very own groups of terrorists.

For OFW’s, our modern-day heroes, planting bullets in their bags is nothing less than putting bullets in their head, and in their heart.

Now, here’s a little “entertainment”.

Gates of Hell

I’m not going to discuss about religion but my topic is closer to hell. The title is a phrase that Dan Brown used to describe Manila in his latest novel Inferno, in which our politicians and government officials immediately condemn and defended their uselessness. I mean, our beautiful country.

I’m going to talk about traffic as most, if not all, drivers here in Metro Manila are feeling devilish on the road today. Note that it’s not only on rush hours. Traffic is now present anywhere and anytime just like the devil himself.

The INC already left EDSA weeks ago, but the traffic remained.

With people’s desperation with the traffic, everybody’s becoming a traffic expert. Including me. Although I don’t travel on Metro Manila area, we have our own version of traffic here in our place.

Our government officials are announcing several possible solutions to the problem. But I was wondering about one thing: why look for a new solution instead of solving the current problems that are causing traffic? It’s like spraying an air freshener on your home but not throwing out the filthy garbage inside the house.

It’s like putting an air freshener inside the bathroom without flushing the toilet. You get my point.

What I would like to say is that fix the most basic things that are causing traffic first before we spend for more improvements. By the way, our politicians like buying new projects anyway because they can pocket the half of the project budget.


Is it really that hard for us to have discipline? Although Filipinos lack discipline in most areas in our lives but let’s just narrow the problem with the traffic. I travel every day to take my wife to the office and pick her in the afternoon. And in the short time and distance, I can still see undisciplined drivers who still refuse to show simple road courtesy. Examples are not letting the crossing road open even if their lane is having a stagnant traffic. Because of this, it will only cause another road traffic which the crossing road can’t get pass because the vehicles on the traffic lane refused to give way. I experienced this once. We were passing the crossing road but we can’t pass through because our way was blocked by vehicles on traffic. We were even given a brilliant advice by one of the drivers on the traffic road. He said that we should take the other road (which will take us longer kilometers and wasted fuel) instead of just giving us space to pass through.

(I’m not sure if I made sense so here is a picture to give you an idea.)


Aside from giving courtesy to other drivers, there are still lots of things to fix in our roads that involves discipline. Especially to public vehicles.

Loading and Unloading

metro manila trafficAlthough some streets already have Bus Stops and Loading/Unloading spots, I believe we still need to add designated areas for public vehicle stops. We are very used in our habit of loading and unloading anywhere. The funny thing is that our buses and Jeepneys are acting like cabs where it can stop anywhere. Buses and jeepneys can’t do the same because they carries several passengers. If all the 30 passengers in the jeepney will alight individually, it will cause 30 stops which will affect other vehicles and will obviously affect their fuel consumption too (I bet they don’t realize that). The 30 stops are only for alighting passengers. It doesn’t include individual new riding passengers. And if we count 30 passengers for a jeepney, how much more a bus? Makati has a strict bus stops. But most of the places in Metro Manila still don’t have proper bus stops. Now, imagine a huge bus loading and unloading passengers on a narrow street. Buses don’t just run on large highways. Check the route of the buses that are taking the Quiapo – Taytay route.

And if they are taking the large highway route like EDSA; the wider the road, the larger their terminal is.

metro manila traffic 1

If you’ll ride the bus and will travel EDSA, it will take you almost half a day from Makati to Caloocan. Yes there are legitimate traffic problems on EDSA but it is impossible not to notice buses clogging each crossings and stop lights. Each stops will take you 15 to 20 minutes, believe it or not, just filling up the bus with passengers. And it’s not just a single bus. There are hundreds of buses traveling EDSA back and forth and this includes illegally operating buses. Imagine them clogging each crossings and traffic lights along EDSA.

metro manila traffic 2I must admit that the undisciplined loading/unloading problem should not be blamed entirely on drivers. Because some or most passengers complain if the driver kept them wait or made them walk more meters by alighting them farther than their destination. So it is clearly that we are all to be blamed for this.

Law Enforcement

I’m not just talking about visibility of police and traffic enforcers. I’m talking about strongly enforcing the law. I believe that we have enough traffic laws. But the problem is seriously enforcing it.

Local governments put traffic signs but they don’t force drivers to follow it. We see these illegal terminals anywhere because no one is getting punished. We see colorum (illegal, unregistered) buses comfortably travelling our roads and highways because they are not being punished (because government officials regularly receives an amount from bus operators). They even have the guts to bully smaller vehicles that are legally travelling the roads.


We already saw several times that the government implemented a traffic law. We can see how officials are enthusiastically enforcing the new law. We see them on TV. Lots of motorists are being caught or warned. After a week, aaaand… they’re gone. “Ningas kugon” in our terms. Starting something without finishing it. A week after the law was launched, we are back to where we were; to our old habits.


Discipline and Law Enforcement are two contradictory terms and idea. If we have discipline, we won’t be in desperate of law enforcement. Needing law enforcement means that we lack discipline. But we need both. Implementing the law also requires discipline in the part of the government and the officials.

These two are very simple and basic laws of road traffic. If we can’t fix them, nothing will fix our traffic problem. Even if we widen our roads, add more highways and flyovers, if we can’t follow simple rules and give simple courtesy, our billion-worth of projects are useless. We are just making our politicians richer. Just look into these images. They are not hard-to-solve puzzles.

I’m not saying that fixing these areas will solve our traffic problem. But I want to see orderliness first before we invest on expensive traffic projects. And I’m sure that discipline will make a huge difference, not only on traffic, but also on every aspect in our life as Filipino.

P.S. As long as I’m not seeing a change in these two areas, I won’t believe that our country is on its way to progress. Discipline is one of the most important ingredient for progress. Sayonara!

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