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First Born Son


Two weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our much awaited child, a healthy, and cute baby boy. Everyone in our family and friends are excited as this is our first child, and the first grand children to both sides. We were supposed to have a child last year but we lost her on my wife’s third month pregnancy. We were down and disappointed but we kept our faith and remain patient. And our patience has been rewarded.

We named our son Nio which means “gift from God”. We were hoping for a baby girl but we are satisfied to have a boy especially that he’s healthy, and cute.

As first-time parents, we were adjusting on parenthood. We learned that parenthood for a newborn is both fun and tedious task. You change your schedule especially your sleeping schedule. This is the time that you learn to be unselfish and devote your time (and life) to your child. If you think you already experienced the unselfish love through the love of your girlfriend/boyfriend, try having a child1 and independently raise her2.

While taking care is tiring, seeing your child takes away the exhaustion. Our love for him gives us patience and a new energy to survive another day.

I’ll never get tired of looking at him and for me, all the day’s work is worth it.

Taking care of a newborn might be tiring but I’m aware that more work has to be done while he’s growing up. I’m also aware that feeding, dressing, and especially, victoriously putting him to sleep after a long battle, is not enough and not all there is.

I’m more concerned with how to raise a child. I was more concern with being a good parent, not just a provider. I’m scared that he would grow to be problem to the society. I’m scared of creating a monster.

But I’m also aware that my child, as a person, will grow and will have his own thinking. I’m aware of his own free will. I’m also aware that I can’t control everything and that some things (many things) are beyond my control.

Because of this, my best and only option is to leave everything to God. I will raise my son in God’s word. I will be a model to him by following God’s commandment. And if after this he still walk in the wrong path, I will never have regrets. Because I know that I raised him beyond my power and capability.

For now, I will try not to worry about the future. I will cherish this moment while he’s young, dependent, and delicate.

More of his pictures here: My Adventures

  1. I’m not encouraging premarital sex and early pregnancy.
  2. It is a common trend here in the Philippines (not always) for married couples to stay on an in law’s house and let the in laws take care of their children. 

The Most Destructive Force to Mankind


The most destructive force to mankind is his own heart. All of our sin starts from the heart. Our heart creates desires and desires sparks sins; the desire of power, the desire of flesh, the desire of recognition, the desire of wealth. This is the method Satan used to tempt Jesus. The tells us about guarding our heart. It is not guns, nature and illness that destroys mankind. Guns and killings are just a product of our sinful heart while if we have a loving heart, it will glow in times of calamities, disasters and illness. "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" – Jeremiah 17:9 – Read more…

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Thoughts Sharing and Debating

I like sharing thoughts and discussions. I don't pretend to be knowledgeable if I really don't have an idea or knowledge about the topic. I really like to go deep on every details on every discussions.

But my favorite topic of discussion is about religion or Christianity. Although this is a broad and a possible endless topic, but if everyone would have an open mind, no such things that couldn't be settled. Another reason why I like to discuss religion is to share to people my little knowledge and inspiration.

I even set-up a site where I can publicize my thoughts and let the people discover some things about Christianity.

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A Simple Lesson from a 9-year-old Japanese Boy

This letter was written by a Vietnamese immigrant, Mr. Ha Minh Thah working in Fukushima as a policeman that he sent to his friend in Vietnam. This letter was posted on New America Media (NAM) on March 19th. Translated by NAM editor Andrew Lam, author of “East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres.” Shanghai Daily condensed it.

“Brother, how are you and your family? These last few days, everything was in chaos. When I close my eyes, I see dead bodies. When I open my eyes, I also see dead bodies. Each one of us must work 20 hours a day, yet I wish there were 48 hours in a day, so that we could continue helping and rescuing folks.

We are without water and electricity, and food rations are near zero. We barely manage to move refugees before there are new orders to move them elsewhere. I am currently in Fukushima, about 25 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant. I have so much to tell you that if I could write it all down, it would surely turn into a novel about human relationships and behaviors during times of crisis.

People remain calm – their sense of dignity and proper behavior are very good – so things aren’t as bad as they could be. But given another week, I can’t guarantee that things won’t get to a point where we can no longer provide proper protection and order. They are humans after all, and when hunger and thirst override dignity, well, they will do whatever they have to do. The government is trying to provide supplies, but it’s like dropping a little salt into the ocean.

Brother, there was a really moving incident. It involves a little Japanese boy who taught an adult like me a lesson on how to behave like a human being. Last night, I was sent to a little grammar school to help a charity organization distribute food to the refugees. It was a long line that snaked this way and that and I saw a little boy around nine years old. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. It was getting very cold and the boy was at the very end of the line. I was worried that by the time his turn came there wouldn’t be any food left.

So I spoke to him. He said he was at school when the earthquake happened. His father worked nearby and was driving to the school. The boy was on the third floor balcony when he saw the tsunami sweep his father’s car away. I asked him about his mother. He said his house is right by the beach and that his mother and little sister probably didn’t make it. I asked about his relatives.

The boy was shivering so I took off my police jacket and put it on him. That’s when my bag of food ration fell out. I picked it up and gave it to him. ‘When it comes to your turn, they might run out of food. So here’s my portion. I already ate. Why don’t you eat it?’ The boy took my food and bowed. I thought he would eat it right away, but he didn’t. He took the bag of food, went up to where the line ended and put it where all the food was waiting to be distributed.

I was shocked. I asked him why he didn’t eat it and instead added it to the food pile? He answered, ‘Because I see a lot more people hungrier than I am. If I put it here, then they will distribute the food equally.’ When I heard that, I turned away so that people wouldn’t see me cry.

A society that can produce a nine-year-old who understands the concept of sacrifice for the greater good must be a great society, a great people. Well, a few lines to send you and your family. My warm wishes. The hours of my shift have begun again. Ha Minh Thah.”

By The Book

As a Christian, we always base our faith and doctrine from the Bible. If it’s in the Bible, we do it. If it’s not, we don’t. It’s always been a Christian way. Having different understanding is another story. But sometime when I was in highschool, my teacher said, we (as “Christians”) don’t need to follow every word that was written in the Bible. We don’t need to be Biblical in every way. At that time, I thought it makes sense. But now, knowing more deeply on Christianity, I think it is ignorance. And dangerous. Teaching young students wrong informations especially spiritual is dangerous. Why is it wrong? Why do we have to be always Biblical especially in spiritual matters?

The Bible is our ultimate guide. Not just in our spiritual, but also in our everyday lives. Without the Bible, we would be lost. We cannot count on verbal passing of the teaching. Because words can easily be corrupted. Words are weak. That is why we write down especially those are important. For instance, there are contracts. We cannot just agree or make commitments just by words. We need to sign on written contracts. If there are misunderstanding regarding commitments, we can go back and review the contract. Commitment is strong in a signed contract. Marriage contract is under this. You cannot just declare you’re spouse. It is weak. We always need papers especially in legal matters. Marriage contract is signed by both partners. You will not be just simply asked if you’re married or not. Or will be asked for your wedding ring. You will be asked for marriage contract. Birth certificate is another. You prove your citizenship and being the offspring of the spouses. You cannot go around and make some transactions without your birth certificate. Another best example is the Constitution. Every Constitution or Law is written. You cannot just announce what is wrong and what is right. You have to write that down. So that when there is confusion or misunderstanding, we can always go back and review the Constitution. Lawyers still review the Law. Laws are strong when written. Doctors still review their medicine books.

Although there are some important things that doesn’t need to be written. Like cookbooks and parenting, etc. Because recipes can be altered or experimented. Parenting is depended on cultural and individual point of views. Like Constitution, the Bible is our guide. A country without a constitution is lawless and will be lost. You cannot trust a commitment or an agreement without a written contract.

My last example (for now) is the Ten Commandments. Why does God needs to write it down on clay tablets? Why doesn’t He just tell it to Moses to tell it to Israelites? It’s just ten. And when Moses went down from Mt. Sinai, he saw the people worshipping a golden idol. And he throw the tablets down to the people because of anger. The tablets were broken into pieces. So, does God let it that way? He wrote the Ten Commandment again in another tablet. Why is it so? Why does God think it is important the Ten Commandments to be written? It is so that the people will have their guide and not be lost.

So why do we need the Bible to tell us everything? Why don’t we just pass down the teachings and doctrines into our children like legends, urban legends, traditions, etc, by word of mouth? For one thing, Christianity is far more important than the rest of these. Even more important than constitutions, laws, and earthly contracts. And traditions, legends, etc, are not that strong to believe in. Do we want the same to the teachings and words of our God?


people are getting too busy these days. especially in this occassion. shopping, buying gifts, parties, accepting gifts, etc. we also enjoy accepting wage bonuses and other blessings. we enjoy this holiday so much that we forgot what it truly is. or, we ignore it. we ignore the true meaning.  it became so commercialized and material that we forgot that the reason for the occassion is spiritual. although Christmas is about “the” physical birth, but the reason for the physical birth is for the spiritual birth and salvation. we forgot what or Who the real reason for all of these. without Him, there is no Christmas. we just want the enjoyment. not the worship. icons are all over. santa clause, snowman, etc. but the Celebrant is seldom to see. it was like giving importance to party’s guests rather than the celebrant. it is disapointing that people dont want to pause for a while to worship and pray… to greet the Celebrant. i admire the americans because they have the Thanks giving day. other people dont know how to give thanks back. i think we should learn to give thanks for our harvest because they are all blessings. we should learn to worship for the protection and kindness that He gave. He deserves it.

we call ourselves Christians that’s why we celebrate the occassion. so let’s not forget Christ. the celebrant. the reason. God bless. merry Christmas.