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Ryan ToysReview

Ryan Toys Review Review

Ryan ToysReview is a picture of a happy family for kids

I’m a father of two amazing toddlers. My son who is the eldest loves to watch Ryan Toys Review on YouTube whenever he has a chance.

It is not my preferred videos for him to watch. It is not an educational video and I’d rather let my kids watch educational.

Ryan ToysReview is a video of Ryan, a kid, playing with his toys. That’s it.

I may have a slight idea why kids love Ryan Toys Review. It may be the toys.

But while watching more, I started to think that there could be more reason why kids love it.

Ryan Toys Review is not only about the toys. Sometimes, his mom or dad, or both joins in playing. There are times that the whole video is a whole family playing toys.

For kids Ryan Toys Review is not just a toy haven. It is also a picture of a happy family, however ridiculous as it may seem to us.

We should realize that one of the most important things for kids is to have their parents as their main playmates.

For parents, have you noticed that your kids always call you to play? And how many times did we rejected them?

For kids, Ryan Toys Review is a whole day play with his family. In the eyes of the children, Ryan’s parents doesn’t have jobs. They don’t go to work. They don’t do household. They do only one thing; to play with Ryan.

I read in one forum that some mothers expressed hatred towards the show or Ryan’s mother simply because the channel is not educational and Ryan’s mother releases irritating high-pitched loud noise in the form of her voice.

I don’t like the show myself because as an adult, I don’t find it entertaining aside from not being educational.

But we have to accept the fact that our children love the show.

And if this show gives us the clue on why our children enjoy their videos, maybe we should consider imitating them, not in creating another YouTube channel with the same theme, but in real life.

Instead of hating and accusing, why can’t we do the same thing? Play, enjoy and laugh even for like, how many minutes does Ryan’s videos last in average? 10 minutes? And how many minutes do our kids watch them? Let’s give them ourselves that enjoyment.

And if we started to have time to play with our kids, maybe they don’t have to watch and desire Ryan’s world.

I think Ryan’s channel doesn’t supposed to teach our children A-B-C’s. Its purpose is to teach us parents on our relationship with our kids.

Now how’s that for being educational?

Ryan now has his own line of toys in toy stores.

What would I do with my life if I didn’t have to work for money?

This is a simple question that every one of us can easily answer. Some may consider it as nonsense but it appeals to me so I didn’t hesitated to answer the question.

This question was asked by a friend on Facebook days ago.

What attracted me to answer this is because for me, it is a time to revisit my past and review my inner self.

Kinda deep, isn’t it?

But I believe that the question is as deep as knowing who you really are.

The question asks what satisfies you, not just what sustains you. Your money may extend your life but it will never make you live your life. Instead, it will prevent you from living it.

I believe that the ones that satisfies you makes you whole as a person.

This includes everything; your hobbies, passion, a thing, or a person. It is all about what you like. Or love.


Some people need to spend a lot of money and use a lot of energy just to consider a day a great day. While some are made whole on a quiet rainy day, reading a book on the couch.

I believe that to get to know the person better every time we meet someone, ask them what they love to do or what they do on leisure, not what do they do for a living.

After I answered this question, I was reminded of who I am. I was reminded that I’m a musician and why I have many books though left unread.

And this also explains why I have many blogs but left unmanaged.

TypewriterI was blessed to have a job that I love doing. I write, build websites, market, building social media pages and interacting, and spend several hours on the internet. This is a part of me that is fulfilled. While others are left undone.

Maybe some people are shy to answer the question because their list may sound childish.

Who cares?

That is why children are happier than adults. Because they’re doing what they want to do.

Half of my list is childish. And I believe you will have also.

This is because there is a child inside every one of us.

How about you? What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to work for money?

Don’t hesitate to make a list on the comment like I did days ago.

Not only I’m helping you to know yourself but I might also found a playmate or with similar interest here.

Gates of Hell

I’m not going to discuss about religion but my topic is closer to hell. The title is a phrase that Dan Brown used to describe Manila in his latest novel Inferno, in which our politicians and government officials immediately condemn and defended their uselessness. I mean, our beautiful country.

I’m going to talk about traffic as most, if not all, drivers here in Metro Manila are feeling devilish on the road today. Note that it’s not only on rush hours. Traffic is now present anywhere and anytime just like the devil himself.

The INC already left EDSA weeks ago, but the traffic remained.

With people’s desperation with the traffic, everybody’s becoming a traffic expert. Including me. Although I don’t travel on Metro Manila area, we have our own version of traffic here in our place.

Our government officials are announcing several possible solutions to the problem. But I was wondering about one thing: why look for a new solution instead of solving the current problems that are causing traffic? It’s like spraying an air freshener on your home but not throwing out the filthy garbage inside the house.

It’s like putting an air freshener inside the bathroom without flushing the toilet. You get my point.

What I would like to say is that fix the most basic things that are causing traffic first before we spend for more improvements. By the way, our politicians like buying new projects anyway because they can pocket the half of the project budget.


Is it really that hard for us to have discipline? Although Filipinos lack discipline in most areas in our lives but let’s just narrow the problem with the traffic. I travel every day to take my wife to the office and pick her in the afternoon. And in the short time and distance, I can still see undisciplined drivers who still refuse to show simple road courtesy. Examples are not letting the crossing road open even if their lane is having a stagnant traffic. Because of this, it will only cause another road traffic which the crossing road can’t get pass because the vehicles on the traffic lane refused to give way. I experienced this once. We were passing the crossing road but we can’t pass through because our way was blocked by vehicles on traffic. We were even given a brilliant advice by one of the drivers on the traffic road. He said that we should take the other road (which will take us longer kilometers and wasted fuel) instead of just giving us space to pass through.

(I’m not sure if I made sense so here is a picture to give you an idea.)


Aside from giving courtesy to other drivers, there are still lots of things to fix in our roads that involves discipline. Especially to public vehicles.

Loading and Unloading

metro manila trafficAlthough some streets already have Bus Stops and Loading/Unloading spots, I believe we still need to add designated areas for public vehicle stops. We are very used in our habit of loading and unloading anywhere. The funny thing is that our buses and Jeepneys are acting like cabs where it can stop anywhere. Buses and jeepneys can’t do the same because they carries several passengers. If all the 30 passengers in the jeepney will alight individually, it will cause 30 stops which will affect other vehicles and will obviously affect their fuel consumption too (I bet they don’t realize that). The 30 stops are only for alighting passengers. It doesn’t include individual new riding passengers. And if we count 30 passengers for a jeepney, how much more a bus? Makati has a strict bus stops. But most of the places in Metro Manila still don’t have proper bus stops. Now, imagine a huge bus loading and unloading passengers on a narrow street. Buses don’t just run on large highways. Check the route of the buses that are taking the Quiapo – Taytay route.

And if they are taking the large highway route like EDSA; the wider the road, the larger their terminal is.

metro manila traffic 1

If you’ll ride the bus and will travel EDSA, it will take you almost half a day from Makati to Caloocan. Yes there are legitimate traffic problems on EDSA but it is impossible not to notice buses clogging each crossings and stop lights. Each stops will take you 15 to 20 minutes, believe it or not, just filling up the bus with passengers. And it’s not just a single bus. There are hundreds of buses traveling EDSA back and forth and this includes illegally operating buses. Imagine them clogging each crossings and traffic lights along EDSA.

metro manila traffic 2I must admit that the undisciplined loading/unloading problem should not be blamed entirely on drivers. Because some or most passengers complain if the driver kept them wait or made them walk more meters by alighting them farther than their destination. So it is clearly that we are all to be blamed for this.

Law Enforcement

I’m not just talking about visibility of police and traffic enforcers. I’m talking about strongly enforcing the law. I believe that we have enough traffic laws. But the problem is seriously enforcing it.

Local governments put traffic signs but they don’t force drivers to follow it. We see these illegal terminals anywhere because no one is getting punished. We see colorum (illegal, unregistered) buses comfortably travelling our roads and highways because they are not being punished (because government officials regularly receives an amount from bus operators). They even have the guts to bully smaller vehicles that are legally travelling the roads.


We already saw several times that the government implemented a traffic law. We can see how officials are enthusiastically enforcing the new law. We see them on TV. Lots of motorists are being caught or warned. After a week, aaaand… they’re gone. “Ningas kugon” in our terms. Starting something without finishing it. A week after the law was launched, we are back to where we were; to our old habits.


Discipline and Law Enforcement are two contradictory terms and idea. If we have discipline, we won’t be in desperate of law enforcement. Needing law enforcement means that we lack discipline. But we need both. Implementing the law also requires discipline in the part of the government and the officials.

These two are very simple and basic laws of road traffic. If we can’t fix them, nothing will fix our traffic problem. Even if we widen our roads, add more highways and flyovers, if we can’t follow simple rules and give simple courtesy, our billion-worth of projects are useless. We are just making our politicians richer. Just look into these images. They are not hard-to-solve puzzles.

I’m not saying that fixing these areas will solve our traffic problem. But I want to see orderliness first before we invest on expensive traffic projects. And I’m sure that discipline will make a huge difference, not only on traffic, but also on every aspect in our life as Filipino.

P.S. As long as I’m not seeing a change in these two areas, I won’t believe that our country is on its way to progress. Discipline is one of the most important ingredient for progress. Sayonara!

Nio2 “Please share daddy’s story!”

Happy Father’s Day To All My Fathers

I grew up without a father. My grandparents are the ones who took care of me while my mother is away working. I didn’t had any questions because they explained what happened to me. I didn’t also longed for a father because I had the coolest grandfather beside me while growing up. I just wish that he stayed longer.

Aside from having the coolest grandfather, I have uncles who also stood as my father, all of them. I have lots of memories with my fathers; riding uncle Jim’s motorcycle even for just 2 meters whenever he arrives from work; joining my cousins in their excitement whenever uncle Buds arrive from work abroad (because I also receive toys); picking up food in uncle Jessy’s table when they are, uhm, drinking; and knowing the right path and the Good News from uncle Pastor Allan. With all these things mentioned, I also have many homes and families.

Thinking back in those memories, I see myself as ‘salimpusa’. I always join with my cousins’ enjoyment in life. Whenever my uncle Jim arrives from work riding a motorcycle, when he’s two meters away from their house, my cousins would scream and race to get a place and ride on his motorcycle. And sometimes, I get a spot. I don’t know how.

Whenever my uncle Buds arrives from his work abroad, I joined my cousins with their excitement when he opens up his suite case full of ‘pasalubong’ (toys). Although he’s not a direct family (he’s my aunt’s husband, my mother’s sister), he always made me feel that I’m a member of their family. Whenever I join my cousins to look on his suite case, I was always hoping that there’s a piece for me. And I was never disappointed. And right now I was thinking, it’s either he really bought something for me, or he gives me a one that’s supposed to be for my cousins.

My uncle Jess always brings me whenever they go. I also often sleep on their home. As my cousin Jessy Jr., his son, was my best friend when I was a kid, I had a lot of memories with their family. Actually most of my New Year memories in my early years were with them. And I will say it, he’s my uncle who’s a drinker. So I became familiar with every alcohol brands because of him.

My Uncle Pastor has just become a part of my life on my later years. When he was converted into a Baptist, he tried his best to get into our lives. And I’m very thankful that he did and he let himself be used by the Lord to be the light in our family. Most of who and what I am right now is because of him.

While writing this, I just realized why I didn’t missed my father. I mean, with experiences like these, I wouldn’t have experienced these if I only had one single father.

Although I never met my biological father, I never felt unfortunate. I still felt God’s love because He blessed me with lots of fathers. I really felt the genuine love of my grandparents to me. And my other father uncle Pastor introduced me to the greatest Father of all, our God. It is the greatest thing that an earthly father could give to his son and daughter.

To all my fathers, thanks for the great memories. To uncle Pastor, thanks for your guidance. Happy Father’s Day!

Ken Yamamoto
me, grandfather, and grandmother



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The Life of an Introvert

I had gathered some images, memes, and comics about introversion. I collected it because it really pleases me to know that I’m normal and it totally describes who I am.

It sucks to be an introvert 20 years ago. I was a teenager back then. Being a silent-type kid makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you psychologically. Much more when you discovered the word that describes you (introvert) makes you feel like a psychiatric patient.

You often hear from friends and adults “have fun”, “go out and see other people” “don’t be scared from people”.

But I’m having fun, inside my room, with my cassette tapes and guitar.

I’d never feel more comfortable than today. Not because I’m old enough to be comfortable with myself but I just learned recently that being an introvert is just having another COMMON personality. That nothing is (seriously) wrong with me. That I don’t need a psychological test to check if I’m still normal (or tolerable).

And no surprise where did I learned that we are many: here in the internet. Of course, we can’t bump with each other outside. I could see other introverts outside but we wouldn’t know because we’re not going to talk to each other.

So here are the images. Enjoy, learn, and get to know me.

(Click the image to view them on slideshow. Click ‘View full size at the lower left of the slideshow to view the image in full size.


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Pacquiao vs Mayweather

My Unpopular Opinion About The Pacquiao-Mayweather Match

There are lots of hate comments regarding the Pacquiao-Mayweather match. But I think there’s something wrong about it. I’m talking about the comments, not the fight.

I’m not a sports analyst or a boxing expert. But I managed to predict or get a hunch on what will happen in the fight. I told my wife that it’s a 50/50 match. Although I’m hoping that Manny would win, but deep inside, I know that there is a large probability that Manny would lose in this fight.


For me, it’s a matter of fighting style. Because these two fighters are already legendary, fighting skills is out of question. They are also both fast. And they are already what a great boxer needs to be.

But if power is the one to be measured, we all know that Manny would win. Hands down. Manny already proved it by putting all his opponent on their knees.

But the problem is, Mayweather’s style is an antidote, or should I say, an escape to Pacquiao’s power. Kentucky Floyd Chicken

Mayhugger may have ran a mile and hugged like a lover during the fight. But this is his style. I already knew this years ago while they were negotiating the match that this would be a problem for Pacquiao. And the only way to beat Mayweather, and leave the judges with no choice, is by TKO or better yet, a knockout. But this is hard for me to believe.

Mayrunner is too smart. He won’t let himself get hurt. And for sure, he won’t give what Manny wants, which is a brawl.

And this is the reason why I’m not disappointed with the fight. Because I didn’t expected that much. I knew that this would be a boring match even knowing that Manny, one of the most exciting fighter in boxing history, will fight in the match, but I also knew that Mayweather is the one who will dictate the tempo. I knew that Money would run and hug while Manny is chasing and throwing punches.

We can’t blame Gayweather for what he had shown on the ring last Saturday on MGM Studios. It is what he is. He’s been doing it on his entire career. He’s been winning with his style and didn’t lost a fight. And we can’t just ask him to change his style just to give us a great show.

It’s no different from a basketball game or any other sports. We can’t blame the other team for playing too defensive and running too much.

I understand that boxing is an engaging sport. But what made it different from a street brawl is that it has rules and that’s why it is called a sport. And these rules allows Mayweather’s (dirty) tactics, whether we like it or not.

And we already know (or do you?) that fact even before Manny’s camp negotiated for the fight to happen. So why are we blaming or even more, hating him? If we don’t like this kind of match, then they should’ve find another opponent.

Mayweather memes

Another thing is, we hate him so much that we also bring up his personal matters; women-beater, money-lover, self-lover, etc. I don’t think this is necessary. What he is in the ring has nothing to do with his personal life outside the ring.

Now, before you hate me too, don’t get me wrong. I also hate Mayweather because of his big mouth. I was so furious reading his comments on newspapers while they were negotiating the fight, five years ago. I was so furious that I could fight him myself.

I love Pacquiao not only because he is a fellow Filipino but because of his attitude, sportsmanship, and later, being a Christian. He fights with his heart. He is one of the most exciting boxer that I have seen. He is a boxer that fights, not dance (although sometimes he sings, but outside the ring). That’s why he gained millions of fans all over the world. And before I forget to mention, I also love his story; from rags to riches.

But again, as I had mentioned, this has nothing to do with the fight last Saturday. They’re just two fighter with different styles.

Top image source:


My PLDT Issue Resolved

This is an update on my last post about PLDT internet application. To give you a quick glance on that story, I applied for an internet connection to upgrade my subscription. Their instruction says that I have to pay an initial fee after they approve my application or else, I will lose my reservation and must reapply again. I paid the fee for P1,100 (that’s around $25) after I received their approval. Weeks later, I called them to update my connection. They said that my application was denied because my house is far from the loop. As I understand this, my house is far from the street post. I later realized that I still have to call them to know what’s going on. Or else I will wait for nothing.

Sounds unfair, right? Read the whole story here.

After three months (I think), I visited their office to update my refund. I was refreshed after a talk with their customer service. He explained it calmly and clearly. He explained everything, why I have to wait for a while and why I must wait to be notified before I get my refund. He assured me and I believed him because it seems that he knows what he’s talking about. Not like their other, usual customer services that I had spoken before regarding my issues to their service.

But months after this visit, I haven’t got any notification from them. We (me and my wife) lose hope. We said, “Sayang. 1 thousand din yun. Ang daya nila.” (“We lost a $25. They’re unfair.”) We just let it go. Of course, what can we do? Update it and knock on their door every week, lose time and waste gas? Send them a letter? I already tried to send them an email before. They responded but the issue was never fixed.

We can’t do anything in these kinds of situations but to wait or let it go. Unlike them that when you missed to pay a month of bill or even paid late, they will immediately cut your connection.

So I just blogged it. Hoping that everybody would read it and they would lose all their subscribers and get out of business.

I’m just kidding.

What I want is that my post to reach someone on their office and take action.

Now, enough for my sentiments and here’s the update.

Last week, I received a text from them telling me that I can now get the refund. I was really surprised and relieved. 1 thousand pesos, napakalaking bagay sakin nun. (It’s a big deal for me.) I was so happy that I almost sing and dance on the street. Of course, I’m exaggerating.

I already got my refund. Thank you. Even if it’s months late with months of frustration, at least you gave it. I just WISH that you would improve your service, right from the start, from the time of application. You don’t just rush and get people’s money. Your competitors have better service, and are more professional. They’re not just available in our area. Sigh! I applied to them first, for your information.

I posted this to be fair to them. I published my issue then. Now I have the responsibility to publish the resolution.


Applying For PLDT Connection? Read This First!

I recently applied for PLDT Home DSL. They told me that they will check my location and the line’s availability and they will approve or not my application. In just three days, I received a text message and an email saying that my application was approved. It asked me to pay an installation fee for 1,100 Php. Included in their message that I have to pay the fee within 5 days or my reservation would be gone. I immediately went to their business center to pay the fee. After paying, they told me that the installation would take place within 3 to 10 days. After waiting for two weeks without an installation, we called them and found out that our application was CANCELLED! Their reason was that my home is far from their post.

I can gladly accept the cancellation. But what I don’t understand was that I hope they confirmed first if my location is good for installation before they asked me to pay the fee.

However, they offered a refund. PLDT

I went back to their business office to ask for the refund. At first, I thought that I will immediately get my money back but when I found out that I HAVE TO APPLY for it, I knew that it will take weeks, months, or even years to receive it, that is, if ever they will approve it.

They said that they will text me when the application is approved. After a week without receiving a text, we called them for the update but we keep on receiving “system enhancement” response from the customer service.

In this case, I felt like I was robbed or scammed. After I paid my hard-earned money, I got nothing but stress. I’m not a rich person and that amount would do a lot for me. I’m not paid huge on my work and I have to work for days for that amount. Now that the money is freezed, I can’t use it. Thanks to PLDT.

This is the reason why insurance plans don’t have appeal to me. It is easy for you to pay and fast for them to accept your payment. But when the time comes that you will need your money, they will make you apply, fill out tons of papers, direct you to hundreds of offices and windows, and will take eons of years, that is, if you’ll be granted to receive your own money. And all of this if you’re not SCAMMED!

I had several issues with the company before. The reason why I keep buying their services is that I don’t have a choice. I applied on their competitor (Globe) but denied because of unavailability. Take note: DENIED, not CANCELLED. Heck, they even have a much better customer service. They called me to inform that they can’t install my application, compared to PLDT that kept me waiting for nothing. Also, their equivalent service doesn’t have an installation fee.

After working hard for that 1,100, I again, working hard for it to have it back. It’s taking me even longer to have it again.


image source: Pinoy Daily Journals

Be A Part of a Miracle

I would like to share you today the trials that are experiencing by an extended family.

Last month, May, the wife of my wife’s uncle has given birth to their baby girl. The baby was just 27 weeks old. It was supposed to be their fifth child but the four preceding birth were unsuccessful. They all died even before they were born.

The mother has a very weak pelvis to hold the child for a long time. She always suffer in conditions whenever she conceive. She’s almost bed-ridden the whole time and there were even a time that she’s not allowed to laugh because of her condition (which I still find hilarious up to this day).

Mary Claire was the only child of the couple who was born alive. As a one-year-old parent, I can imagine the joy and excitement they felt when they saw her. She is strong. She wants to live. At a very young age, she’s already fighting for her life. Her life supports include oxygen, respirator, ventilator, expensive medicines, and our prayers.

Aside from the pain that the couple has to endure on their baby’s condition, they have to face their financial problem. Their hospital bill is P30,000 (around $715) per day. It’s not a typo. The figure is per day. The baby has to stay for 3 weeks more.

They have to pay the hospital every day even for just 50%. If they weren’t able to pay for a day, the hospital will shut down the machine that supports the baby’s life. Yeah, that’s how they do it these days.

So the couple is asking for financial help. Any individual or organization who wants to help them can directly contact them and get the information on how they can contribute to the child’s life. A small contribution can do a great wonder. Here are the numbers to contact for the contribution/donation:

+639327196786 and +639255321126 for mobile phones and 02 7829936 for landline phone.

You can also contact me through the comment on this blog or email at

For those who want to help but are not able to give financial contributions, a prayer is as good as a monetary contribution. Help us pray for the child.

I will post updates in this blog. I will be glad to show you the fruit of your kindheartedness.

Here is the link to the child’s father’s original post on his Facebook wall:

The baby was confined at the Marikina Valley Medical Center.


First Born Son


Two weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our much awaited child, a healthy, and cute baby boy. Everyone in our family and friends are excited as this is our first child, and the first grand children to both sides. We were supposed to have a child last year but we lost her on my wife’s third month pregnancy. We were down and disappointed but we kept our faith and remain patient. And our patience has been rewarded.

We named our son Nio which means “gift from God”. We were hoping for a baby girl but we are satisfied to have a boy especially that he’s healthy, and cute.

As first-time parents, we were adjusting on parenthood. We learned that parenthood for a newborn is both fun and tedious task. You change your schedule especially your sleeping schedule. This is the time that you learn to be unselfish and devote your time (and life) to your child. If you think you already experienced the unselfish love through the love of your girlfriend/boyfriend, try having a child1 and independently raise her2.

While taking care is tiring, seeing your child takes away the exhaustion. Our love for him gives us patience and a new energy to survive another day.

I’ll never get tired of looking at him and for me, all the day’s work is worth it.

Taking care of a newborn might be tiring but I’m aware that more work has to be done while he’s growing up. I’m also aware that feeding, dressing, and especially, victoriously putting him to sleep after a long battle, is not enough and not all there is.

I’m more concerned with how to raise a child. I was more concern with being a good parent, not just a provider. I’m scared that he would grow to be problem to the society. I’m scared of creating a monster.

But I’m also aware that my child, as a person, will grow and will have his own thinking. I’m aware of his own free will. I’m also aware that I can’t control everything and that some things (many things) are beyond my control.

Because of this, my best and only option is to leave everything to God. I will raise my son in God’s word. I will be a model to him by following God’s commandment. And if after this he still walk in the wrong path, I will never have regrets. Because I know that I raised him beyond my power and capability.

For now, I will try not to worry about the future. I will cherish this moment while he’s young, dependent, and delicate.

More of his pictures here: My Adventures

  1. I’m not encouraging premarital sex and early pregnancy.
  2. It is a common trend here in the Philippines (not always) for married couples to stay on an in law’s house and let the in laws take care of their children. 

Big Bang New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Every New Year means new hope for us. It is a time to review the past year and renew and re-organize what needs to be change.

While majority of humanity is celebrating the holiday, some of us are mourning for the damages and even lost that are caused by the celebration. Here in the Philippines, we watched a lot of news about houses and establishments burned down. Hundreds were also hurt by firecrackers, which is the usual scenario here every year. But the worse I find are the ones hit by stray bullets, especially the 7 year-old girl who’s in a comma right now.


Stephanie, the 7 year-old girl, was hit by the stray bullet while watching fireworks outside their house on the New Year’s Eve. She suddenly fell down when her family thought the she was suffocated by the thick smoke. When they lifted her, they found blood on the head of the already unconscious little girl.

As of this time, there are 20 reported of stray bullet victims.

If the US has shootings in schools, we have trigger-happy gun owners here too. And they have their victims every New Year’s Eve. They also don’t choose who their victims will be, whether they’d be a father and a bread-winner of a family, a defenseless grandfather or grandmother, a conceiving mother, or an innocent child who’s full of dreams.

One of the problems in this case is that the genius who pulled the trigger is hard to catch. They enjoyed the New Year by displaying their power on their equally idiotic friends, or they just simply brag their guns with their moronic companions. They are so brilliant that they don’t realize that the falling bullet is as dangerous as a bullet just got out from the barrel; or they just didn’t care if they will hit anyone. I hope it’s their hollow brain next time. Maybe this is the reason why they feel safe: their brain is too small that it is hard to hit by a bullet.

stray bullet victim

We should not expect for the suspect to surrender himself without a divine intervention. He will hide himself and will probably do the same thing this year, along with other ‘humble’ and ‘responsible’ gun owners. And many fathers, mothers, friends, and children are on the line to be their next victims. Who knows, it might be you or your loved ones.

Right now, the bullet is still in the girl’s head. Doctors are taking all the precautions because we know how fragile it is to take it out of the girl’s brain.

The girl’s family is asking for financial support, justice, and prayer.

images by: GMA 24 Oras and DZMM Radyo Patrol

Tumawa Tayo! (At marami pang iba)

Lourd de VeyraWhile we are always advised to treat life light and less seriously, we know that we cannot always apply this in all of the aspects in our life. Treating life seriously and less seriously has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Last week, napanood ko ang isa sa mga favorite kong personalities na si Lourd de Veyra sa kanyang show. I was so busy that I can’t totally focus on the show pero there’s one thought that I heard from his narration na nakapagbigay sa akin ng munting liwanag sa gitna ng dilim: “Tayong mga pinoy ay hindi seryoso sa mga problema. Lahat ng bagay ay dinadaan natin sa tawa at biro.” (sentence paraphrased).

Sa isang kaisipan at salita lang, maraming nang mga bagay at katanungan ang nasagot tulad halimbawa ng “Bakit baligtad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino?”

Bakit nga ba baligtad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino? Dahil ba sa corruption? Katamaran? Maling sistema?

Marami tayong mga problema na bunga ng hindi magagandang asal. “Kaya ‘di umunlad ang Pilipinas, eh.” Nandyan ang pagiging makasarili, ‘talangka mentality, manyana habit, ningas kugon, ‘pwede na yan’, ‘bahala na’, at marami pang iba.

Ang maigsing mga katagang nanggaling kay Meastro Lourd ay sagot sa maraming agham at misteryo na bumabalot sa pag-uugali ng mga Pilipino.

Nakikita natin ang mga palpak na produkto, serbisyo at sistema bilang katatawanan at hindi problema. Ginagawa nating katatawanan ang mga pulis patola, buwayang politiko, makupad na proseso sa gobyerno, kamangmangan o cutting classes, kawalang ng pera, baha, traffic, at marami pang iba. We incredibly find them funny that we don’t care to find solution for them.

Naaliw tayo sa mga karakter nila Kevin Cosme at John Puruntong. May katwiran tayong ayos lang ang maging mahirap basta masaya at KUNTENTO. Yun na nga. Nakuntento tayo sa pagiging mahirap. Niyakap natin ang pagiging mahirap. Wala akong sinasabing masama ang pagiging mahirap (at hindi rin ako defensive). Pero kung magagawa natin maging Ason o Donya Delilah, bakit hindi?

Madali rin tayong makalimot sa mga problema. Pag-hupa ng baha, ayos na. Patuloy na uli ang buhay na parang walang nangyari at parang hindi na uli babagyo. Pag-gising sa umaga, nakalimutan na ang masungit na kawani ng gobyerno, ang mabagal na proseso sa munisipyo, ang traffic, ang na-snatch na cellphone, kawalan ng hustisya, at marami pang iba. Ang problema, hindi na nahanapan ng solusyon. Pano na bukas? Pag bumagyo uli? Pag kinailangan mo uling maglakad ng papeles sa munisipyo? Pag ginabi ka sa daan? Pag naagrabyado ka? Ayun, patuloy nating pinapasahod si Sungit government employee, patuloy ang pangit na serbisyo, traffic uli, babaha na naman, at nakaupo na naman si Cong. Waya. Dahil ang lahat ng ito ay biro at katatawanan.

Maaaring tayo ang pinakamasayang tao sa mundo. Pero nakakaduda na ang pagiging masayahin ng mga Pilipino. Parang sobra na yata na nagmumuka ng…

Tinatawanan ba natin ang problema dahil sa kawalan ng solusyon o tinatawanan nalang natin ang problema dahil mas madali ito kesa humanap ng solusyon? Mas masarap ang mapagod sa katatawa kesa sa mapagod sa kaiisip at pagtatrabaho.

Gusto nyo ng nakakatawa? Ito ang nakakatawa. Magtawanan tayo!

  • Larawan ng isang-dosenang maliliit na batang nagugutom sa isang pamilya.
  • May sakit na anak o magulang na hindi madala sa hospital o hindi mabili ng gamot dahil walang pera.
  • Nasirang mga bahay at namatay na mga mahal sa buhay dahil sa baha sanhi ng basura.
  • Rape
  • Hold-up
  • Massacre
  • Carnap
  • at kawalang hustisya dahil sa pulis patola o kawalan ng pangil ng batas.
  • Panloloko at pagnanakaw ng mga pulitiko sa bulsa ng mga ordinaryong mamamamyan.
  • Traffic sa EDSA at bilyun-bilyong kita ng gobyerno at kumpanya na nasasayang.
  • Pagpapasan sa mga mamamayan ng mga utang at ‘nakakatawang’ transaksyon sa gobyerno at pribadong serbisyo katulad ng kuryente at LRT.
  • Ingay ng humahagibis na motor na walang tambutso tuwing ala 1:00 ng umaga.
  • Halimuyak at tanawin ng mga gabundok na basura sa mga kanto.
  • Ang 2 oras na byahe na dapat ay 30 mins. lang dahil sa pamamasahero ni mamang tsuper sa gitna ng maluwag na highway sa Linggo ng umaga.
  • Pagkasira ng pamilya dahil sa bisyong alak at sugal.
  • Si tatay o si bunso na napatay ng mga lasing o addict. Wala lang. Napag tripan lang.
  • Sila Mayor, Congressman, at Senator, na lumalangoy sa pera at gumagastos ng milyong dolyar sa tiket ng laban ni Pacquiao habang kumakalam ang sikmura ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan.
  • At marami pang iba.

Lahat ng ito, dahil sa ginagawa nating katatawanan ang problema at hindi pagseryoso sa paglutas ng mga suliranin.

Dapat muna nating seryosohin ang ating mga sarili bago tayo seryosohin at irespeto ng mga banyaga. The Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and Singaporeans have earned respect from Western nationalities. Kaya natin yan. Naniniwala ako sa talento nating mga Pilipino. Mga tao rin naman yang mga yan eh. Wala silang ginagawa na ‘di natin kayang gawin.

This new year, I would say that it’s time to get more serious, take the first step, and mean real business. This will eliminate the joke in us. Oks ba?

Marami pa akong hindi naisamang ‘katatawanan’. Maaari pang magdagdag ng mga nakakatawa.

Disposing Our Elders

I recently watched a documentary about elders in home for the aged. Either they were there and frequently visited by their family or they are there totally without communication with their family anymore. The latter is the usual situation. The host interviewed a grandmother who has never heard from her family since they left her there. She was appealing to her son to get her back with tears in her eyes.

This is one of the many circumstances that I will not understand. And I’m not ashamed to say that this is also one of the stories that break my heart; elder people left by their families.

I can say that I could get along pretty well with elder people unintentionally. I have a nice relationship with almost all, if not all, of my senior citizen clients. We even have nice chats and conversations compare to my other clients that are in the same age bracket with mine.

It is maybe because of the reason that I grew up with my grandparents. I grew up with old people. I understand how they think, how they feel, and what their needs are.

Seeing a defenseless elder in the caring home depresses me. Our parents sacrificed a lot for us. They sacrificed even their lives from the moment we are conceived until we are strong (headed) enough to stand on our own feet. They worked hard and sweat for blood and borrowed money just to give us what we want and to give us education to be ready for life.

I could imagine how joyful it is for them to see us the moment we saw the light for the first time; the moment we took our first step; and the moment we spoke our first words.

It is also joyful for them seeing us on our first day in our school and don’t want to leave us out of their sight if possible.

One cough and sniff and it will make them run in the drug store or in the pediatrician.

They will also panic instantly when a blood is visible in our body.

I could imagine all of these feelings because we are expecting our first child at the moment. Maybe you can also imagine how excite we are today. We don’t have plans that would put our child in danger. We will do everything in our power to make sure that we will provide her (we are hoping for a girl) a comfortable life and education, to grow as a good citizen and godly, and to give her a secured future. And someday, our beloved daughter will also leave us in a caring home. I could also imagine how it will be painful for us.

If these people can leave their parents in a caring home, how will they treat their own families? These people are incapable of loving and caring. Just because our parents are old (and useless as it may seem to them), it doesn’t mean that we have to dispose them. I can’t imagine doing this to my mom (I grew up without a father), my grandparents, and even to my close elders.

When they get old, it is the time to return the favor. It is the time to express them how much we love them. Let them know that we will be on their side until their last breath.

Doing this would somehow pass the value to our children and do the same caring as we did to our parents. But of course, we should not do this because of the fear but because of genuine love.

It’s the End of the World (As We Know It)

Let’s just say that the Mayan prediction is true, that the end of the world is on Friday. Do you have a list of things you want to do before Psy hits that 1 billion views on YouTube? Here is my list.

If money doesn’t matter

  1. Drive a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.
  2. Drive a Harley Davidson and a Kawasaki Ninja.
  3. I’ll buy a Gibson Les Paul 60’s, Marshall 70 watts, and jam with my friends.
  4. Eat chocolates.
  5. Visit museums and historical places.
  6. Roam around with my Harley Davidson.
  7. Skydive.
  8. Fly a jetfighter.
  9. Spend days on a nice hotel in front of the sea.
  10. Make a trip to the moon.
  11. Wear my favorite attire.
  12. Read the bible.

On a more reality side (e.i. broke side)

  1. Jam with my friends.
  2. Visit my friends and families.
  3. Roam around with my bike.
  4. Visit museums and local historical places.
  5. Spend a night on top of the mountain, viewing the entire city under the starry night.
  6. Listen to all my favorite songs saved on my mp3 player.
  7. Play songs with my acoustic guitar.
  8. Read the Bible.
  9. Jog.
  10. Shower in the rain.
  11. Eat chocolates.
  12. Wear something comfortable; that is, shorts and shirt.

My bucket list might be boring but I’m not a materialistic and food person. My enjoyment is on nature and music. After December 21, this End of the World list will be a bucket list. Let me know yours.

By the way, here is one of my favorite songs from REM. It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Belong Now

I read somewhere that people, especially young, feels unfit to their current generation. I believed in what I read. People think that the past is better than the present.

If it is possible, I would like to travel time. I like to visit the highlight of history especially the Bible history, the 18th century, the WWII, 50s, 60s, 70s, and so on. 50s and 60s are very simple living while 70s is very colorful and lots of cool rock bands were born on this decade. 80s is the era of cool music too.

Reminiscing about the past only means that however we try to improve our lives such as creating technologies, it's still best to live a simple life. I grew up playing hide n' seek and other games with so much running and anyplace where there are haystacks. Friends and families doesn't have mobile phones and we don't have Facebook but people are more closer then than today.

We don't have technologies to prolong patients' lives and do more medical discoveries but people live longer then.

With all these technologies, people became impatient and lazy.

We don't have cable TV with international channels but TV shows are better in the past.

We only have records and cassettes but it plays better music than we have today.

While I like to visit these times, I would still prefer living in the present, however hard it is. We just have to learn about the past and apply it in the future. We must also treasure and live each present because time will come that we will long for it and miss it.

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