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Space Traveler

Galaxy M106

Having a trip to space is included in my bucket list. Although I know it is next to impossible, but it's still my desire to have a trip to space.

I always marvel on God's works. I admire His craftiness through the majestic mountains, the vast sea and the sun taking refuge on it with the reddish background, the small raindrops that falls on my window and the sound of crickets in the night. By these small things that people considered as a normal, usual daily occurrences, I can see God's might on them. What more if I see the moon, the galaxies, nebula, our neighbor planets, and our home, earth, from the distance, with my naked eyes! These things are so vast that compared to them, we will look like a speck of dust in the universe.

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My Unforgettable 10-Hour Stay At The Bus

Playing in Traffic

I remember when I was in college. My cousin is celebrating her 18th birthday that day and she's going to have a party that night. It was a stormy day that day and after the school hours, I rushed and got the bus to get home early for the party (our home is 10 miles from my school). But after a while, I realized that we're on the middle of a long traffic, a seven mile traffic! I spend that stormy night inside the bus for 10 hours! But I made still made it to the party!

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Future Tour

Back In Time

Yes. To avoid or correct mistakes done. I'm kind of a perfectionist and I don't like mistakes and failure. There will surely be problems in some areas in my life in the future and I would like to fix it or at least be ready for it if it is beyond my control.

I would also try to collect lottery numbers. =)

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Everytime I come back from my monthly vacation from the province, thery are two things I miss the most. My dogs and my bike. I’m a pet lover person. Especially dogs. In fact, I’m planning to buy myself a nice breed of dog soon. And another thing that I love is bikes. Motorcycle, that is. I love bikes. I even love it more than four wheeled vehicles. I’m dreaming of having a Harley Davidson someday. But right now, I have a Suzuki Raider J Pro. It’s a nice bike. Coming from another brand (Honda Wave), I can say that the raider j is a better baby than my previous one. I haven’t tried another Honda bikes (on its Wave level model), so this comparison is only limited between the two models. This suzuki model has style and comfort. I like the deep red color. The color and the style is very masculine. And the comfort is perfect. It has a sporty kind of feeling. I just had trouble getting used to its gear. Suzuki has different gear shifting than the standard. And its neutral. Half (light) step is its neutral . Deep step is first gear. All in all, It’s great. I score this one an 8, on its level model. ( 1’s the lowest, 10’s the highest). This one will stay with me for a long time. Even if that time comes that I can finally afford a Harley Davidson.