people are getting too busy these days. especially in this occassion. shopping, buying gifts, parties, accepting gifts, etc. we also enjoy accepting wage bonuses and other blessings. we enjoy this holiday so much that we forgot what it truly is. or, we ignore it. we ignore the true meaning.  it became so commercialized and material that we forgot that the reason for the occassion is spiritual. although Christmas is about “the” physical birth, but the reason for the physical birth is for the spiritual birth and salvation. we forgot what or Who the real reason for all of these. without Him, there is no Christmas. we just want the enjoyment. not the worship. icons are all over. santa clause, snowman, etc. but the Celebrant is seldom to see. it was like giving importance to party’s guests rather than the celebrant. it is disapointing that people dont want to pause for a while to worship and pray… to greet the Celebrant. i admire the americans because they have the Thanks giving day. other people dont know how to give thanks back. i think we should learn to give thanks for our harvest because they are all blessings. we should learn to worship for the protection and kindness that He gave. He deserves it.

we call ourselves Christians that’s why we celebrate the occassion. so let’s not forget Christ. the celebrant. the reason. God bless. merry Christmas.

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