I’ll Be Back

I love watching movies. And recently, I just discovered the word “fan boy”. And I realized I’m a fan boy. I’m a Terminator movie fan. I’d watched all of the sequels. But I think the best would be the part 2. It became a huge hit at the time when it was released. It was the reason why I followed the sequels.The story was great and very unique. The movie was created by James Cameron. I think He is one of the best movie directors of all time. His creations include Titanic, Abyss, True Lies and the recent Avatar. All became a hit. And the Terminator has become one of the classics.

The movie’s story and plot is very cool. A robot send from the future to terminate the leader of the human resistance, John Connor. At the part 1, the terminator’s mission was to terminate Sarah Connor, John’s mother, before he was born. And so on, as the story goes. Arnold Schwarzenegger did a brilliant act being the terminator. I think no one will do it as good as ‘Ahnuld’. The movie has mixed genre too. It has sci fi, action, funny lines, and a touching part too, and moral lesson, where the robot learned to became human. Christian Bale did a great portrayal too as John Connor. I like the Terminator Salvation too. Where it opened a lot of questions and visualized a lot of imaginations; what the Terminator future looks like, who Kyle Reese is, and how the robot terminator evolved. I’m excited how will they create the next Terminator movie. And who could forget the coolest movie lines of all?; “hasta la vista, baby!” and “I’ll be back!”.

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