My Worst Injury


I experienced a lot of bike accidents. I like riding bikes. There’s are times that I slid on a slippery road, and there are crashes with another vehicles too. I’m really blessed to still walk and move normally.

However, there is this two accidents that I consider as as worst and it given me an almost fatal injury. The first was I was driving on a left-turning road. This turning road is a bit narrow and the coming vehicles are not visible because of the building on the corner. So if the two vehicles of the opposite lanes approaching the corner don’t take extra care, they’ll absolutely crash with each other, or somewhere else if one of them will turn to avoid the other vehicle. And that’s what happened to me. I collided with this vehicle, a police mobile. When I saw the vehicle, I still attempt to avoid it by turning right but it’s too late. The bumper hit my left leg. It hurts so much that I sit and hold my leg on the road and stayed there for minutes. My bike is a bit crashed but still manageable. Just minutes after that, my leg swelled. I got an internal bleeding and it felt like my leg was filled up with water and it’s really painful. This ordeal took one month.

The other accident happened a year ago, still from the bike. I was driving my bike on a subdivision in an early morning. I was trailing behind this vehicle (an L300 Toyota). I swear I was not that close to it. But when we reached this turning road (again), the driver stopped and it reversed, without looking on his rear view and side mirrors. I also attempted to avoid being hit by turning my bike left, but it was too late (again), and I was hit. Although it was not fast and a hard hit, because it was on a reverse, but my ankle was squeezed between the vehicle’s bumper and my bike. And realizing that he hit something behind him, he stopped, with my ankle stacked. I thought it was just a bruise but when we reached the hospital, the doctor did an eleven stitches on my ankle.

And by the way, it was four days before my wedding. But I still managed to walk on the aisle.

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