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Confessions Of An Addict

writingI admit that I’d become an addict. Once I tried it, I never managed to resist. It started as curiosity. I found myself doing it over and over again. I found a piece of my missing puzzle. It may not complete me as a whole, but it hugely contributed on my personality, if not on my soul.

I’m talking about blogging. I find writing amusing and a great way to express thoughts and emotion. I also like to leave something behind when I’m gone so this could serve my purpose well. I may not be a world famous personality, but through my writings, I would leave some of my personality behind.

Although lots of writers say that they don’t have any intention to change the world, but we must admit that it is an achievement to influence lives.

I’m so addicted to blogging that I created accounts on several blogging platforms. I have lots of thoughts to write but only have small amount of time. And aside from writing, there are lots of things that I want to do including playing music, reading, and learning.

I also like to lie down and watch a marathon movie on a rainy day.

I also make sure that I keep my main blog alive and updated because it is not only a passion or a hobby. My main blog is about my faith and sharing the word of God. I prioritize it because it is not for me but for Him. You can visit my main blog here: http://ourlivingbread.com.

I’m also addicted with Him.