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Pacquiao vs Mayweather

My Unpopular Opinion About The Pacquiao-Mayweather Match

There are lots of hate comments regarding the Pacquiao-Mayweather match. But I think there’s something wrong about it. I’m talking about the comments, not the fight.

I’m not a sports analyst or a boxing expert. But I managed to predict or get a hunch on what will happen in the fight. I told my wife that it’s a 50/50 match. Although I’m hoping that Manny would win, but deep inside, I know that there is a large probability that Manny would lose in this fight.


For me, it’s a matter of fighting style. Because these two fighters are already legendary, fighting skills is out of question. They are also both fast. And they are already what a great boxer needs to be.

But if power is the one to be measured, we all know that Manny would win. Hands down. Manny already proved it by putting all his opponent on their knees.

But the problem is, Mayweather’s style is an antidote, or should I say, an escape to Pacquiao’s power. Kentucky Floyd Chicken

Mayhugger may have ran a mile and hugged like a lover during the fight. But this is his style. I already knew this years ago while they were negotiating the match that this would be a problem for Pacquiao. And the only way to beat Mayweather, and leave the judges with no choice, is by TKO or better yet, a knockout. But this is hard for me to believe.

Mayrunner is too smart. He won’t let himself get hurt. And for sure, he won’t give what Manny wants, which is a brawl.

And this is the reason why I’m not disappointed with the fight. Because I didn’t expected that much. I knew that this would be a boring match even knowing that Manny, one of the most exciting fighter in boxing history, will fight in the match, but I also knew that Mayweather is the one who will dictate the tempo. I knew that Money would run and hug while Manny is chasing and throwing punches.

We can’t blame Gayweather for what he had shown on the ring last Saturday on MGM Studios. It is what he is. He’s been doing it on his entire career. He’s been winning with his style and didn’t lost a fight. And we can’t just ask him to change his style just to give us a great show.

It’s no different from a basketball game or any other sports. We can’t blame the other team for playing too defensive and running too much.

I understand that boxing is an engaging sport. But what made it different from a street brawl is that it has rules and that’s why it is called a sport. And these rules allows Mayweather’s (dirty) tactics, whether we like it or not.

And we already know (or do you?) that fact even before Manny’s camp negotiated for the fight to happen. So why are we blaming or even more, hating him? If we don’t like this kind of match, then they should’ve find another opponent.

Mayweather memes

Another thing is, we hate him so much that we also bring up his personal matters; women-beater, money-lover, self-lover, etc. I don’t think this is necessary. What he is in the ring has nothing to do with his personal life outside the ring.

Now, before you hate me too, don’t get me wrong. I also hate Mayweather because of his big mouth. I was so furious reading his comments on newspapers while they were negotiating the fight, five years ago. I was so furious that I could fight him myself.

I love Pacquiao not only because he is a fellow Filipino but because of his attitude, sportsmanship, and later, being a Christian. He fights with his heart. He is one of the most exciting boxer that I have seen. He is a boxer that fights, not dance (although sometimes he sings, but outside the ring). That’s why he gained millions of fans all over the world. And before I forget to mention, I also love his story; from rags to riches.

But again, as I had mentioned, this has nothing to do with the fight last Saturday. They’re just two fighter with different styles.

Top image source: SportChaser.com