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Blurring Background Using Adobe Photoshop 7

I’m finally learning the Photoshop, bit by bit. After hours of research and experiments, I finally know how to blur backgrounds in photos. I had done a lot of researches, searching Google for related articles, but none of them provided me an exact instruction. Although I understand that instruction results can vary from different Photoshop version, so it will just give you a hint or an idea what tools on the menu that you can use for you to be able to do the desired editing. What I did is I picked-up the necessary information from various instructions and applied them on my own. I experimented on my pictures until I get the result that I’m looking for.

Here are my examples of edited photos. Note that these examples are not neatly edited. These editing can still be improved.

shot taken by cellphone camera

shot taken by Canon EOS 1100D
Gaussian Blur
shot taken by Canon EOS 1100D
Radial Blur

To attain these editing, I duplicated the layer of the image and clicked the Filter menu and clicked the Blur, and chose the desired blurring effect. The entire picture will be blurred. You can adjust the blurring effect through radius adjustment. After reaching the desired blur effect level, click OK. The entire image was blurred. I clicked the eraser in the Tool side bar and chose the desired Brush size. I erased the subject part, this is the one that you choose to be cleared. After clearing the blurryness of the subject, the image can now be saved.