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These Bands Are High (With Their Videos Taken From The Rooftop)

Does rooftop scenes make music videos cool? I guess it’s the bands who makes rooftop videos cool.

The Beatles started it on their concert in the Apple studio. It was said to be their last performance, just before they announced their breakup. Following this, I have listed 3 more music videos that was taken at the rooftop from the coolest bands in the world.

I experienced this once when me and my friend attended our friend’s birthday celebration. We jammed at the rooftop of his house (3rd floor) and we had a great night, it’s just, we didn’t had a scream from admiring fans like U2 does on their video here. Instead, we got angry looks from our friend’s old neighbors. We played from 9pm to 12am, anyway.


Although I have searched for more videos to add to this list but I couldn’t find bands that are equally awesome as these bands.

I would like to see more. If I missed something, please add up on the comment. You can also add bands with similar videos that are cool in your opinion. Thanks and happy viewing.


The Beatles – Get Back

U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name


Guns N’ Roses – Don’t Cry

Matchbox Twenty – If You’re Gone