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Extreme Weather

ondoy flood
I believe this was taken on Ortigas-extension road/highway

We experience a humid weather here in Manila. While other cities and countries experience extreme rainy weather. Having a hot/humid weather gives us hard time because the Philippines has tropical weather, which makes us one of the hottest spot in the planet. You can experience sweat even in the middle of the night. But I thought it would be far better than to experience a non-stop rain like other Philippine cities experiencing right now. Flooding was all over; Cebu, Ilo-Ilo, cities in Mindanao. Deaths and property losts are recorded during these incidents. And thinking about Ondoy. One of the unforgettable experiences we had here in manila. I’m reciding in the municipality of Cainta, one of the areas center of Ondoy flooding. I can say that Ondoy is even worst than those former windy storms we experience because Ondoy brings a lot of water. I haven’t experience flood inside our house before. Not until Ondoy. That time, I saw water rushing inside our house. And in the short period of time, the water reached my knees. It is minimal compared to what happened in other areas where the water reached over housing roofs.

At that day, friends started to shelter and stay in our house. With no water, limited food, no electricity, we survived. When the flood is gone, I went out to continue my business. That time I saw villages like ghost town. Silent and wrecked. Even no sign of life. It was hard to imagine how those people will get up and start all over again. We recovered overnight in our town. But not in some places. Some started to pick up things a week after.

Extreme weather. We experience this now globally. This is one of the signs of climate change. We even experience unstable weather. Cold this day. And hot the other day. I hope we start to be aware of how we take good care of our planet. Yes, planet earth needs caring too. Like plants and pets, planet Earth is a living planet. Unlike other planets in the universe. Other planets are dead and UNHABITABLE. This is maybe the ONLY living planet that we could find. Our ONLY home. So learn to take care of our Home.