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Happy Father’s Day To All My Fathers

I grew up without a father. My grandparents are the ones who took care of me while my mother is away working. I didn’t had any questions because they explained what happened to me. I didn’t also longed for a father because I had the coolest grandfather beside me while growing up. I just wish that he stayed longer.

Aside from having the coolest grandfather, I have uncles who also stood as my father, all of them. I have lots of memories with my fathers; riding uncle Jim’s motorcycle even for just 2 meters whenever he arrives from work; joining my cousins in their excitement whenever uncle Buds arrive from work abroad (because I also receive toys); picking up food in uncle Jessy’s table when they are, uhm, drinking; and knowing the right path and the Good News from uncle Pastor Allan. With all these things mentioned, I also have many homes and families.

Thinking back in those memories, I see myself as ‘salimpusa’. I always join with my cousins’ enjoyment in life. Whenever my uncle Jim arrives from work riding a motorcycle, when he’s two meters away from their house, my cousins would scream and race to get a place and ride on his motorcycle. And sometimes, I get a spot. I don’t know how.

Whenever my uncle Buds arrives from his work abroad, I joined my cousins with their excitement when he opens up his suite case full of ‘pasalubong’ (toys). Although he’s not a direct family (he’s my aunt’s husband, my mother’s sister), he always made me feel that I’m a member of their family. Whenever I join my cousins to look on his suite case, I was always hoping that there’s a piece for me. And I was never disappointed. And right now I was thinking, it’s either he really bought something for me, or he gives me a one that’s supposed to be for my cousins.

My uncle Jess always brings me whenever they go. I also often sleep on their home. As my cousin Jessy Jr., his son, was my best friend when I was a kid, I had a lot of memories with their family. Actually most of my New Year memories in my early years were with them. And I will say it, he’s my uncle who’s a drinker. So I became familiar with every alcohol brands because of him.

My Uncle Pastor has just become a part of my life on my later years. When he was converted into a Baptist, he tried his best to get into our lives. And I’m very thankful that he did and he let himself be used by the Lord to be the light in our family. Most of who and what I am right now is because of him.

While writing this, I just realized why I didn’t missed my father. I mean, with experiences like these, I wouldn’t have experienced these if I only had one single father.

Although I never met my biological father, I never felt unfortunate. I still felt God’s love because He blessed me with lots of fathers. I really felt the genuine love of my grandparents to me. And my other father uncle Pastor introduced me to the greatest Father of all, our God. It is the greatest thing that an earthly father could give to his son and daughter.

To all my fathers, thanks for the great memories. To uncle Pastor, thanks for your guidance. Happy Father’s Day!

Ken Yamamoto
me, grandfather, and grandmother



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