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Do You Smell What I’m Cooking?

hotdogI hate cooking. I don’t have any interest in food. I’m not a food adventurer. I eat what’s on my plate. And since I hate cooking and doesn’t have interest in food, I also don’t like food business even if I’m aware that food business is very profitable. But life has a good sense of humor.

My wife is pregnant right now. This is her second. She experienced miscarriage on our first baby so we are doing our best this time. She is having a very delicate pregnancy so we doing a lot of precautions. This means that I’m the one who’s doing everything in the house, including the cooking.

I don’t know how to cook. The reason is clear on the first paragraph. I only know how to cook hotdogs, fried eggs, spam, and any related ‘dishes’. Whenever I cook my specialties and recipes, I kiddingly call myself a ‘bull chef’. But at this time, because of the situation, I need to step up. I need to learn how to cook. Besides, I don’t want to feed her and our baby with instants and fast-food so I really have to take sacrifices.

My first problem is shopping on the market. Since I don’t cook, I don’t know how to shop for ingredients such as meats and vegetables. I don’t recognize or know the names of all the vegetables and I don’t know what part of meats and slices do I supposed to buy for a certain dish.

But because I’m excited with our first child, I learned what I supposed to learn. And I’m learning fast and I’m learning well. Most of my cooking came out successful. I never realized that I would learn to cook. The joy and the passion of cooking may not be already there but the feeling of joy when you see someone is enjoying your cooking is priceless. It is like an art that you created or song that you wrote and someone liked it. A single soul liked your creation is satisfying enough.

And if this life’s humor is not enough (‘cuz life is really funny), I’m going to enter into food business next year. I’m going to open at the first quarter of the year. My former client is selling his equipment and I was searching for business ideas. I really don’t like food business but for my baby, I will do anything to give her a bright future (I’m just assuming our baby is a girl because we are hoping for it.)

Now, I’m not only learning how to cook. I also enrolling on classes and seriously researching on the internet.

I’m not still confident with my cooking skills and this makes me nervous about opening my business. But every time I think about my wife enjoying my cooking, it gives me confidence and I know that my cooking is not going to be a bull.