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The Life of an Introvert

I had gathered some images, memes, and comics about introversion. I collected it because it really pleases me to know that I’m normal and it totally describes who I am.

It sucks to be an introvert 20 years ago. I was a teenager back then. Being a silent-type kid makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you psychologically. Much more when you discovered the word that describes you (introvert) makes you feel like a psychiatric patient.

You often hear from friends and adults “have fun”, “go out and see other people” “don’t be scared from people”.

But I’m having fun, inside my room, with my cassette tapes and guitar.

I’d never feel more comfortable than today. Not because I’m old enough to be comfortable with myself but I just learned recently that being an introvert is just having another COMMON personality. That nothing is (seriously) wrong with me. That I don’t need a psychological test to check if I’m still normal (or tolerable).

And no surprise where did I learned that we are many: here in the internet. Of course, we can’t bump with each other outside. I could see other introverts outside but we wouldn’t know because we’re not going to talk to each other.

So here are the images. Enjoy, learn, and get to know me.

(Click the image to view them on slideshow. Click ‘View full size at the lower left of the slideshow to view the image in full size.


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