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What would I do with my life if I didn’t have to work for money?

This is a simple question that every one of us can easily answer. Some may consider it as nonsense but it appeals to me so I didn’t hesitated to answer the question.

This question was asked by a friend on Facebook days ago.

What attracted me to answer this is because for me, it is a time to revisit my past and review my inner self.

Kinda deep, isn’t it?

But I believe that the question is as deep as knowing who you really are.

The question asks what satisfies you, not just what sustains you. Your money may extend your life but it will never make you live your life. Instead, it will prevent you from living it.

I believe that the ones that satisfies you makes you whole as a person.

This includes everything; your hobbies, passion, a thing, or a person. It is all about what you like. Or love.


Some people need to spend a lot of money and use a lot of energy just to consider a day a great day. While some are made whole on a quiet rainy day, reading a book on the couch.

I believe that to get to know the person better every time we meet someone, ask them what they love to do or what they do on leisure, not what do they do for a living.

After I answered this question, I was reminded of who I am. I was reminded that I’m a musician and why I have many books though left unread.

And this also explains why I have many blogs but left unmanaged.

TypewriterI was blessed to have a job that I love doing. I write, build websites, market, building social media pages and interacting, and spend several hours on the internet. This is a part of me that is fulfilled. While others are left undone.

Maybe some people are shy to answer the question because their list may sound childish.

Who cares?

That is why children are happier than adults. Because they’re doing what they want to do.

Half of my list is childish. And I believe you will have also.

This is because there is a child inside every one of us.

How about you? What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to work for money?

Don’t hesitate to make a list on the comment like I did days ago.

Not only I’m helping you to know yourself but I might also found a playmate or with similar interest here.