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My PLDT Issue Resolved

This is an update on my last post about PLDT internet application. To give you a quick glance on that story, I applied for an internet connection to upgrade my subscription. Their instruction says that I have to pay an initial fee after they approve my application or else, I will lose my reservation and must reapply again. I paid the fee for P1,100 (that’s around $25) after I received their approval. Weeks later, I called them to update my connection. They said that my application was denied because my house is far from the loop. As I understand this, my house is far from the street post. I later realized that I still have to call them to know what’s going on. Or else I will wait for nothing.

Sounds unfair, right? Read the whole story here.

After three months (I think), I visited their office to update my refund. I was refreshed after a talk with their customer service. He explained it calmly and clearly. He explained everything, why I have to wait for a while and why I must wait to be notified before I get my refund. He assured me and I believed him because it seems that he knows what he’s talking about. Not like their other, usual customer services that I had spoken before regarding my issues to their service.

But months after this visit, I haven’t got any notification¬†from them. We (me and my wife) lose hope. We said, “Sayang. 1 thousand din yun. Ang daya nila.” (“We lost a $25. They’re unfair.”) We just let it go. Of course, what can we do? Update it and knock on their door every week, lose time and waste gas? Send them a letter? I already tried to send them an email before. They responded but the issue was never fixed.

We can’t do anything in these kinds of situations but to wait or let it go. Unlike them that when you missed to pay a month of bill or even paid late, they will immediately cut your connection.

So I just blogged it. Hoping that everybody would read it and they would lose all their subscribers and get out of business.

I’m just kidding.

What I want is that my post to reach someone on their office and take action.

Now, enough for my sentiments and here’s the update.

Last week, I received a text from them telling me that I can now get the refund. I was really surprised and relieved. 1 thousand pesos, napakalaking bagay sakin nun. (It’s a big deal for me.) I was so happy that I almost sing and dance on the street. Of course, I’m exaggerating.

I already got my refund. Thank you. Even if it’s months late with months of frustration, at least you gave it. I just WISH that you would improve your service, right from the start, from the time of application. You don’t just rush and get people’s money. Your competitors have better service, and are more professional. They’re not just available in our area. Sigh! I applied to them first, for your information.

I posted this to be fair to them. I published my issue then. Now I have the responsibility to publish the resolution.