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Ryan ToysReview

Ryan Toys Review Review

Ryan ToysReview is a picture of a happy family for kids

I’m a father of two amazing toddlers. My son who is the eldest loves to watch Ryan Toys Review on YouTube whenever he has a chance.

It is not my preferred videos for him to watch. It is not an educational video and I’d rather let my kids watch educational.

Ryan ToysReview is a video of Ryan, a kid, playing with his toys. That’s it.

I may have a slight idea why kids love Ryan Toys Review. It may be the toys.

But while watching more, I started to think that there could be more reason why kids love it.

Ryan Toys Review is not only about the toys. Sometimes, his mom or dad, or both joins in playing. There are times that the whole video is a whole family playing toys.

For kids Ryan Toys Review is not just a toy haven. It is also a picture of a happy family, however ridiculous as it may seem to us.

We should realize that one of the most important things for kids is to have their parents as their main playmates.

For parents, have you noticed that your kids always call you to play? And how many times did we rejected them?

For kids, Ryan Toys Review is a whole day play with his family. In the eyes of the children, Ryan’s parents doesn’t have jobs. They don’t go to work. They don’t do household. They do only one thing; to play with Ryan.

I read in one forum that some mothers expressed hatred towards the show or Ryan’s mother simply because the channel is not educational and Ryan’s mother releases irritating high-pitched loud noise in the form of her voice.

I don’t like the show myself because as an adult, I don’t find it entertaining aside from not being educational.

But we have to accept the fact that our children love the show.

And if this show gives us the clue on why our children enjoy their videos, maybe we should consider imitating them, not in creating another YouTube channel with the same theme, but in real life.

Instead of hating and accusing, why can’t we do the same thing? Play, enjoy and laugh even for like, how many minutes does Ryan’s videos last in average? 10 minutes? And how many minutes do our kids watch them? Let’s give them ourselves that enjoyment.

And if we started to have time to play with our kids, maybe they don’t have to watch and desire Ryan’s world.

I think Ryan’s channel doesn’t supposed to teach our children A-B-C’s. Its purpose is to teach us parents on our relationship with our kids.

Now how’s that for being educational?

Ryan now has his own line of toys in toy stores.