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tanim bala

Isang bala ka lang…

“Tanim-bala” a local (Filipino) term referring to the new trend on Philippine airports, which is “planting” or intentionally putting bullets to the travelers’ baggage. They do this to extort money from travelers. This is unbelievably happening for months now, in different airports.

I can’t imagine how our government can be so numb, incapable and stupid.


tanim balaThe government is so numb to take this scam seriously and act fast against this. I mean, what are they thinking? Is this just some kind of snatching in Quiapo (although it’s a serious matter that must be addressed too)? These security personnel idiots are doing their crimes on their job, on their uniform. They are government employees. They represent the government. This is an obvious crime inside the government. But why doesn’t someone up there do something about it? No, I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about the congress, the senate or the President. Or is the President too important to deal with this issue and too busy promoting our beloved country?


Ok. Maybe not that numb. These incidents have already caught some leaders’ attention. They already called to investigate this scam. But amazingly, there no one has been caught and punished yet.

I even saw a report about Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) giving advice to travelers to avoid being the victim of ‘tanim-bala’ scam.

HWAAAT!!?? You’re giving advice to the public to avoid this instead of hunting these pawns of Lucifer to stop this? This just says clearly that the government is really incapable of fighting crimes and giving justice to its people.

Anyway, this is what the government and our law enforcers are good at; giving advice to the public on how to avoid to become the victim instead of going after these demons. They just love to pass on the full responsibility of safety to the public. It is easier than doing their actual job.

tanim bala
The bullet planters. Probably the puppets.


I’m just confused. Doesn’t the government think that it will affect the country’s image internationally? While Mr. President is busy shaking hands promoting this beloved country, his little demonic creatures are feasting on their victims once they fell into the trap. Wait, doesn’t it sound like some classic suspense horror story? It’s really more fun in the Philippines.

And it’s not the only airport scam that would entice foreigners in this country. Foreign media, not tourists. We have also taxi fixers and taxis who are swindlers, contracting innocent foreign passengers with triple the amount of regular fares.

Another thing is that, is this how we treat our OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers)? As far as I know, we consider OFW’s as our nation’s modern heroes. Or does the current administration don’t think the same?

tamin bala
Lane Michael White – An American missionary victim of “tanim bala” scam.

There are currently 2.3 million OFW’s who are sending in dollars. Doesn’t this help our economy? The last time I checked, it was considered one of the main reasons why our economy is surviving.

So while they help this country survive by generating billions of dollars every year, these moronic security personnel are returning the favor by planting bullets in their bags to extort them.

tanim bala
The new fashion trend in all Philippine airports. To avoid the tanim bala scam.

The sad thing is that, it is not the only scam that our OFW’s are experiencing with our government. Our mighty government has also been busy scavenging our modern heroes’ packages and leave almost nothing for their loved ones. This courtesy is being done by another brilliant government agency Bureau of Customs. They are opening all the packages sent by OFW’s to “check” for illegal items and will get (steal) what they want. They steal these items that are supposed to be a gift for the OFW’s loved ones that are bought with their sweat, blood, and tears.

I could safely say that there are special places in hell for these evil airport security personnel and BOC officials.

One last question

Since this ‘tanim-bala’ scam has been happening for months now, continuously acquiring victims, on different airports, why aren’t they being stopped? Why are they continuing their operation even when they’re already been reported and revealed on national news? Are these termites untouchables? What, or WHO, gives them the courage to do it? Is there or are there higher ranked demons behind them? Is there a master of puppets behind the show?

Yes, I know that’s a lot of question instead of one.

tanim bala
“Not all lose bullets comes from the sky. Some of it comes from the airport.”


My cousin, a US immigrant, once told me that she’ll never come back to stay here. She said she’s just too scared of the crimes here and that she’s concerned with her family’s safety and the government’s incapability of handling crimes.

Because of my work, I happened to know and be friended with some foreigners who are visiting or planning to visit the country. Because of what’s happening, I wouldn’t recommend them to come. I wouldn’t want to put them in danger with our government, not to mention our very own groups of terrorists.

For OFW’s, our modern-day heroes, planting bullets in their bags is nothing less than putting bullets in their head, and in their heart.

Now, here’s a little “entertainment”.