Who Really Gives Me The “Click”

ClickI just watched Adam Sandler’s Click last night. Adam Sandler never failed to make me laugh. I started following his movies when I watched Happy Gilmore. He has his own style of comedy which has never been seen in the Hollywood (because no one ever dared).

Click is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies. It is one of the few movies that make you laugh and cry at the same time. It has a really good moral value which is prioritizing family.

Time goes by so fast. With the blink of an eye, children become adults, and adults die. If you’ll let your career get in between you and your family, you’ll miss a huge part in their life, and you’ll become stranger to them. You may achieve your dream and reap all the hard work you had done, but by the time that you retire and ready to get back on your family, it may be too late to catch up and get back on their life.

And of course, if you don’t have time for your family, you may not only miss their lives, it could also destroy your relationship with them.

This is why I want to spend my life with my family. I want to be with my children my whole life, watch them while they grow and be part of their life.

One of the most precious thing that you could give to other people, not only your family, is your time. Even if you are paid with a high price for your time by your company, isn’t your family worth it to be given time for free? Time passed can never be gained back. This is why time is gold; precious. We must spend it wisely.

Okay, Enough of this emotional intro. I must admit that the real reason I like this movie is the ever-hot Kate Beckinsale. She’s the one who really gives me the ‘click’ here.

Kate Beckinsale

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